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Author: splatg Submitted: 29th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 185

This is an abandoned game originally made with Klik and Play. The idea for this game started out in a slideshow I made a long time using KidPix, you all remember KidPix... right? That original 'game' was like Mech Warror but this one is more of a platform game. In this game you controll a very large robot 'crawler' and have to make your way past any 'Adroids', adroids are flying robot things. There are many types of adroid but they all have the same basic design, three eyes two antennea and they float. If enough people think this game, or the story, is any good I might consider remaking it in realtime 3d as it was originally intended to be made.

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Posted by LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) 30th January, 2003

Reviewed - from my rating you'd think I a mean expert type guy but read my review, there are some good points in there.
Posted by Galaxy613 30th January, 2003

Is this your first game?
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 30th January, 2003

Not too bad. Reviewed.
Posted by Probe 30th January, 2003

naa, it sucked
Posted by Dan Cook 30th January, 2003

Good for a first game...or...whatever
Posted by splatg 30th January, 2003

This game was made a long time ago and I had no idea what I was doing or what the game was supposed to be about. I in fact deleted it from my hard disk because I did't really like it, but I found it again on an old backup CD.
Posted by Galaxy613 30th January, 2003

I keep on dieing on the second "Adroid"
Posted by Galaxy613 30th January, 2003

and the death scene is to long
Posted by vortex2 30th January, 2003

yeah, the animations need to be timed better, and the player needs to move ALOT faster, or have a jet pack or something, becuase walking that slow gets boring fast. it needs more robots, and more weapon varity would be nice. I like how you used cut scenes, that was cool :) even if it was a bit too long. however, i got stuck after killing the boss with nothing left to do, and no way to continue (to my knowledge). i would of played it again, but the player moves to slow, as i said. also, i didnt like how the player jumped right into the game after the intro. there needs to be a menu screen, with possiblly a story level explaining your mission, and what is going on. The gfx were ok, the animation could use alittle bit of work, but its not really important. more sounds and music would be good , and add to the game alot. Also, mabey some more level elements then just run though the level and shoot the rare bad guy, Something to collect, like nuts and bolts would be cool (possably like a platformer) the game needs scrolling rather then the jumpy level thing :( i would use a BIG level for most of it, and only change levels when needed. the space bar for me, wasnt the best place for the shoot key, expecially after being used to Shift being jump, and Ctrl being fire, in this case customizable controls would be excellent!
Posted by Alex Scobell 30th January, 2003

Not very good game. Should be completely re-made.
Posted by alperoz49again 31st January, 2003

all KLIK&PLAY games are perfect!!!
Posted by Alex Scobell 1st February, 2003

No they are not
Posted by Alex Scobell 1st February, 2003

God don't any of you read the discription?! This is not a demo its abbandonware!
Posted by Galaxy613 1st February, 2003

"all KLIK&PLAY games are perfect!!! " Look at my "Bouncer 1 0.5"! It stinks!
Posted by HaMSteRtAiL 4th February, 2003

click and play is weak! And you cant make the game scroll either! The Games Factory rules! I have spoken
Posted by splatg 7th February, 2003

You can actually make a sidescroller in KNP, but it is a a lot of hard work and in the end does not turn out as nice as TGF+. However, you can do some cool effects like paralex scrolling backgrounds which you can't do in TGF using the built in scrolling engine.
Posted by Robert kleven 9th September, 2005

uuh good microphone?




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