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Review: Super Mario Adventures : Xiper Island Blast
Author: OOOPPPs
Added: 22/01/2003

Playing mario games bring back alot of memories, all those lost hours sitting infront of the tele and constantly berating about missing a jump or "BS i didnt miss that koopa!!!!"... Well this game immediately conjures that kind of thought. For starters, the graphics are blended very well with the game even though they are ripped (theres a difference between blending ripped gfx and just plain ripping gfx) The sound also seem to be authentic Mario stuff, with the "blimp!" with the coins and the lovely sounds which accompany the reception of other bonuses (the flaming flower ) But this game is marred with some pretty sad bugs which otherwise would be my fave fan mad game.

Firstly, the platform movement... uggg.. the bouncing of mario is non-existent, most of the time whenever i try to jump from a lower step to a higher, i cant go forward. This maybe due to the fact that the creator need to stop the platform bug which comes with the klik products, and set the platform to obstacles, either way, fix that! As mentioned before bouncing is needed to make this game even better, i can see that the creator has used actives to detect if the baddies are being collided from above (jumped on) but this seem to have created a bug where after collision the active remains under Mario and hence giving him supernatural abilities to float!

Another problem is the flame throwing ability. Where as in normal Mario games it bounces along the platform, but in this case u have to aim it… it would have been ok if there were an indicator, but nooo… anyway, there is also a limit based on how many flowers u collected, I guess that would be for balancing since if unlimited firepower was given then it would be too easy.

Finally, there isn’t any pipe entering, or I didn’t find any to enter, but implementing that would make it stay true to Mario traditions.

Ok.. enough of my ramblings… now maybe onto Return to Koopa, hopefully that would be better…

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