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Review: Super Mario Adventures : Xiper Island Blast
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 20/01/2003

Another fangame, yes, but that doesn't bother me as much as some. The question is, is it a good fangame?

Yes. Very much so. The Mario engine is recreated pretty well, although you still slow down when you land from a jump (GFactory standard platform movement), you can't vary the height of your jumps and there is no 'bounce' effect from landing on enemies, which is pretty much essential. I didn't notice a huge amount of bugs and errors as described in the explanation by the author, and other than the above points the engine is very well programmed. Some liberties have been taken with it to make it easier to program, for example you simply fire fireballs straight instead of having them bounce along the ground.

The "status bar" at the top of the screen is authentic as well, though the System font probably wasn't the best choice for it.

The graphics also contribute to the feeling that you're actually playing a Mario game, as they're all directly ripped from one of the games. No bad thing, but it would have been nice to see something original in there.

Sound and music also come directly from the game, including that famous "DUH-duh DUH-duh DUH-duh..." music in the caves. A sound test menu is provided, again making the game very SNES-like.

The bosses that I played through are fought in exactly the same way - fire at them repeatedly then jump over and repeat. This is something that could be improved, having more varied ways to attack the bosses.

On level three I died, only to be told that I had -17 lives left and was allowed to continue. Most strange. A death effect would be good instead of instantly being transported back to the introduction frame with the fake loading bar.

It won't appeal to everyone because it's a fangame, of course, and if the author tried to make an original platform game then I for one would look forward to the result. For now, though, this is just about as good as Mario-recreation gets.

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