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Review: Bob - The Hamburger
Author: Gus Stevenson
Added: 14/01/2003

Get your club and ice spell ready! Qearth is in a pickle, and it's time to ketchup to the danger and kick it in the buns for good! (I'm sorry, really sorry about all the puns.) Anyway...


Simple intro and title screen. I like the burger constellation. The blinking message at the bottom of the screen gets a bit annoying after a while. It could dissappear once the intro starts. The cutscenes are simply, but effectively done. Lots of spelling errors throughout the game. Not quite sure what the whole "medieval" theme has to do with a burger world. My only guess is that medieval times are the setting of most RPGs, and this didn't want to be left out.


The player can move around fine. Collisions seem to be okay. Very little enemy AI, and some monsters seem to reappear after they've been killed, which could get annoying. I got very little direction from the NPCs or instructions on what I should be doing (It seems that Dad's only purpose is to say "Ouch" when you bump into him.). A little bit more direction might've helped.


Decent, and usually pretty consistent hand-drawn graphics. Nothing special, but they get the job done. (Nice little blood spatters during the battles.)

Sounds and Music

Appropriate most of the time. Most of them were pretty familiar. (Ghostbusters?!!)


Even though I wasn't always sure what to do next, I beat this in about a half an hour. (It's more complex than anything I've done so far, though.)


Not a bad little attempt. Taking fuller advantage of the burger theme over the traditional RPG settings and magic might help future "Bob" titles. I'm sure quite a bit of work went into this, and I think it paid off pretty well. Keep learning and working.

Sound and Music:

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