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Bob - The Hamburger
Author: Elektro Submitted: 11th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 265

Edited By Elektro on 1/24/2003

This will probably be the last time I upload this wonderful Rpg game about the small hamburger child named Bob.

This was my first finished big game made four years ago. I have changed a lot of bugs but even if its not the most complete game in the world it's pretty good.
It's about the small hamburger child Bob who lives on a planet called Qearth. He lives there in peace with the other hamburgers. But one day a evil guy called Onkel Konkel is coming to Qearth to destroy the wonderfull planet. You have to save the world.

They belive in you Bob. Download and rate.


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Posted by Elektro 11th January, 2003

Please comment and rate this game....
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 12th January, 2003

Onkel Knkel??? hmmm.....
Posted by Robert Berry 12th January, 2003

^_^ Yay! An RPG :D
Posted by Elektro 12th January, 2003

My first game ever..made one year ago..what can I say =)
Posted by Elektro 12th January, 2003

Please Review This Game
Posted by Alexander 12th January, 2003

det r inge bra :P
Posted by Elektro 12th January, 2003

hehe tack fr komplimangen kompis
Posted by 12th January, 2003

Jaaha, hampurilais-peli. Mielenkiintoista.
Posted by AndyUK 12th January, 2003

Speak English!! I played this before and its pretty good. its a bit easy and simple rpg but not bad for a first ganme
Posted by XxAznDrag0nxX Danny 12th January, 2003

yes!!!! an rpg, i'll download
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 12th January, 2003

Ok, so it's an RPG, cool, but the graphics are pretty bad, good job for your first game though..
Posted by Zip 12th January, 2003

lol onkel konkel hahahaa (yup jag e svensk lol)
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 13th January, 2003

looks like one of the super evil happy characters at mc-donalds
Posted by ZeroTau 13th January, 2003

You might think you could've come up with a better idea... it's new, but so... wrong... No harsh feelings.
Posted by Elektro 13th January, 2003

Stop complain I made this game years ago but thought to just put it up this site....take a look at my next game Bob ll- This will absolutly not be like the first one...take a look and stop complain
Posted by Elektro 13th January, 2003
Posted by 13th January, 2003

Hmm.. why all are speaking sveden? (Paitsi min joka puhun suomea) ?
Posted by Simdrone052 13th January, 2003

Chicken, it would be funny if you would shutup sometime, LOLOL!
Posted by Gus Stevenson 13th January, 2003

Don't be so jealous Mr. Chicken. The McNuggets will soon have their day XD I'll review this when I get a chance. My internet connection is way slow, and no time to download right now.
Posted by ZeroTau 14th January, 2003

You know, getting complaints are usually what makes a game better. If you would only get positive comments when your game (and the idea of a hamburger hero) is not so great, it will all end in a pit of really bad games and no getting better. Tyckte du skulle veta det...
Posted by Elektro 14th January, 2003

no comment..
Posted by The Chris Street 15th January, 2003

Chicken, stop swearing all the time, or bannage you will get.
Posted by Kris 15th January, 2003

I agree with Mr Chicken. If you don't want negative comments then dont post the damn game. you need to learn to take criticism more lightly.
Posted by Gus Stevenson 15th January, 2003

I know I heard that song that plays in Bob's house from somewhere. What game was that from?
Posted by Nick of All Trades 15th January, 2003

Why don't you write a preview of Bob II?
Posted by Elektro 16th January, 2003

well the truth is that I want to work more on it before I do so. I went to feel that I can complete this game
Posted by Elektro 16th January, 2003

and by the way I don't know where that song is from??? anyone else who got a clue
Posted by Kris 16th January, 2003

Duncan (Fenn) said that it's actually a Queen song... I heard one of those tunes on aurora ( once
Posted by Elektro 17th January, 2003

yes it is....thanks anyway but I want more people to rate this game...
Posted by Nick of All Trades 18th January, 2003

Music from other game? It is wrong.
Posted by Ashman 18th January, 2003

gfdvb fduifgh dsuihgugf fdyu Translated : Talk sense!!!!!
Posted by Elektro 20th January, 2003

thanks Wong Chung Bang for rewieving my game
Posted by EleXor 21st January, 2003

Lol.... kuulostaa hassulta mut en jaksa ladata tota ~~ Ai tl on Suomalaisiakin? Cool... :P ;) :O
Posted by PlayfulGames 22nd January, 2003

Never has living your life as a hamburger been so enjoyable.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd January, 2003

Elektro: Thanks for getting my name right! <-)
Posted by Elektro 23rd January, 2003

Ohhhh crap they made a misstake in the GOTW so my game wasn't in the pool until now....I'm really pissed off...:)
Posted by Elektro 16th February, 2003

Go for it...





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