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Review: IDK
Author: Jerry Liang
Added: 24/12/2002

Better than average, although the missle cursors on the main menu is a little tacky. Dont really know what the story is, but it WOULD have been better if the intro was less text and more visual. Overall well presented with some clean textures. Building design and unit design could have used a little work tough. Also the ending is kina lame...

For a game where all you do is build stuff, this is pretty fun. Basicly, you build 3 main structures that make up your base, an HQ, a power station, and a factory. After you build these three buidings, you can start building laser turrets, cannons, missel launchers, and a nuke silo. There's also a wall you can build at any time for defensive purposes. In the beggining of each round, you arrange these buildings in any way you like on your side of the playing field. The computer controlled base is on the other side of the screen/map(the map is only 1 screen big). After you are satisfied with your base, or run out of space to build, or run out of money (altough i found that by pressing space bar, you get more money...a bug maybe?), you click the start button or something, and all hell breaks loose. The turrets and other offensive structures that you have laid down earlier will now act on their own and attack enemy structures and buildings. You just sit back and watch as this takes place. The fireworks will last as long as either your base or the enemy base remains. It might sound boring, but i guess you'd have to play it.

They're 3D rendered. Everything!! However the model details are kinda weak. But the textures on the models are pretty cool. Mostly metallic. The terrain is sometimes a little flat, although there are rocks and stuff thrown in for good measure. Everythingn is also nicely to scale (which i find VERY difficult to do with 3D rendered sprites), and the explosions are also pretty cool and flashy. Screen shakes are there to add a little extra punch to the explosions. Some ripped graphics... oh well.

Sound and Music
Good Sound and Good Music. Nothing special here (Altough i suspect that some were ripped). NEXT!!!

Low. I beat the game in 2 days. The AI is simply too weak. There's not that much variation in the missions or 'levels'. But for some reason, i couldnt stop playing it. I just beat the game again today...There's also a useful login at the begining of the game so that you can continue your game or replay beaten missions.

A cool game without doubt, but far far far from perfect. One of the things that pissed me off was that sometimes the menu position screwed up, and wouldnt let me click on the units i want to build. Other times, the units that get placed simply dissapear into a mesterious void and never return again . And the nuke is by far the cheapest weapon in the game. If both you and the comuter both have nuke silos, its just a matter of seeing who can launch theirs first. The round is basicly over when either you or the computer gets hit by the nuke because the explosion of the nuke can effectively wipe out half(sometimes more) your offenses and defenses. I've played round where the computer launched a nuke at me within the first 5 seconds of play. That gets annoying. None-the-less, I'd love to see a sequel or an expansion or something. Its a shame that there's no multiplayer support or unlockable features. I'm not sure if i would have bought this if it was for sale, but as freeware, its worth the download! Give it a try!

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