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Author: [HTS]HetH Submitted: 22nd December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 239

Edited By [HTS]HetH on 12/22/2002

IDK was my first and up to now only commercial game. It shouldīve been published throughout Germany by Underground Games. But they disappeared without ever releasing the game. So I decided to put it online as freeware. The aim of this game is to defeat the CPU on different battle fields by setting up a base with main buildings weapons and defending units. Place your units on the right field to be able to withstand the CPU attacks and hit him where it hurts! It features a very nice soundtrack, four different worlds with 4 levels each. Different units with different pros and cons. Very cool and extreme explosions and all that stuff. You also have the possibility to de-activate some of the graphical details to make the game run smooth on older machines. IDK is completely in German as it was planned for a national release in Germany. Still it should be easy enough to handle even if you donīt understand German.

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Posted by Villy 23rd December, 2002

looks great but I cant german :(
Posted by Mindstorms 23rd December, 2002

you cant english either :P
Posted by Jerry Liang 24th December, 2002

this is a cool game. A very cool game, actually. In fact its so cool that i think i'll write a review on it :D. (BTW, you dont need to now german to play it. Its pretty straight forward)
Posted by Bob Pakoe 19th April, 2005

hey psycho, ugugug uguguug ugggggggggg uggguuuggguugugu (This is your common language, Cavemanish)






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