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Review: Dark Striker (Assassin)
Author: Pete Nattress
Added: 29/11/2002

If the 1500 character limit were off, all I would say is that this game is incredibly bad.

Unfortunately it isn't, so allow me to drone on. I don't like giving bad reviews but rest assured it is entirely justified. This game looks like it was made in 5 minutes by a drunken newbie.

I don't think Metal Gear Soldid's producers should start losing sleep over Dark Striker. I was slightly encouraged by the title "Mature Entertainment" slogon, but i was slightly less encouraged by the MCI Error that ensued, and less still by the fact that one of the menu options doesn't work. All apologised for, I note, on the download screen, so that makes it OK.

Gameplay? Well, I think you should download the game, because words cannnot describe the numerous bugs and glitches. I could put this in the article section entitled "How not to make a game". Rest assured, that if you thought your game was bad, this game is worse.

Graphics: same story. Soldiers don't die, they dissapear. Oh, and most Disney games are gorier than this. The hero character walks like she has some kind of vaginal problem, and the total monotony of the white background, grey boxes theme just adds to the games awfullness.

Sound? By this point I'm thinking who cares, but all there is is a couple of midis. Nothing special.

I got bored of this game when I was faced with the seemingly impossible task of destroying a few blocks. Download, play, delete.

Overall: pluck out your nasal hairs if you're looking for two minutes of semi-amusing activity. This game won't deliver anything near that level of enjoyment.

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