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Dark Striker (Assassin)
Author: TS Team Submitted: 27th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 185

Special thanks to Neo for hosting the game!

This game was made quickly as an after school project. There are 4 levels, 2 types of enemies, and one boss. Unfortunately, the introduction movie was lost. Just click OK when it gets an error for the missing file. There are a few bugs and I can't update the game because it's an EXE file.

Shift - Jump
Control - Fire Weapon
Arrow Keys - Navigate
Escape - Exit Game

NOTE: Credits were never able to be finished because the .cca file was lost.

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Posted by Jason Orme 28th November, 2002

Nope, not to my liking And any reason why you play a Dominatrix?
Posted by TS Team 28th November, 2002

Dominatrix? The introduction was deleted, but the story is to save the president. You'll get it more when the next comes out. It'll have better graphics for sure. Her brother was also an assassin but was murdered. She thinks she knows who it is, the rising power of the Notzis. The Notzis are revolting even against their own country. Typical story? Yes... :)
Posted by JJ45 28th November, 2002

This game sucks. I'm sorry.
Posted by TS Team 28th November, 2002

Kiss my @$$. I'm sorry. Okay, I'm just kidding.
Posted by TS Team 28th November, 2002

If you hate it so much, give me a review please.
Posted by TS Team 28th November, 2002

Whaaa!? My boss was deleted too!? This game is nonsense without the boss! Now it makes no sense at all without the intro and the boss!
Posted by ruffles 28th November, 2002

WHAT IS THIS? the downloads are jumping like crazy!!! 688, now 719!!! wTF???
Posted by matrixkitty 28th November, 2002

a while back the download thing happened to a kirby fangame. the author does sumpthing to the downloads to make them jack up
Posted by TS Team 29th November, 2002

Posted by Pete Nattress 29th November, 2002

thought i'd jump on the wagon and get my review in first. if this game looks like its got a load of downloads, more people will download it. we don't want that to happen.
Posted by JJ45 29th November, 2002

You realize now what I mean?
Posted by JJ45 29th November, 2002

No intro, no boss, no custom engine, no fun, NO NOTHING. Just remake the whole game!
Posted by JJ45 29th November, 2002

And when you do that, at least animate the characters better, and you could make a new static engine or something. And more backdrop objects than one.
Posted by TS Team 29th November, 2002

I can't re-make it because it's an .EXE, sorry guys.
Posted by TS Team 29th November, 2002

Man, I wanted to update the game so bad...:( Any hackers know how I can edit the file?
Posted by Jason Orme 30th November, 2002

Posted by TS Team 30th November, 2002

Posted by Danny 30th November, 2002

dam!! around 800 people downloaed this sh!t
Posted by TS Team 1st December, 2002

yup :) *wipes finger nails. :o This game isn't THAT much crap. Comparison is what makes succession fail and consentration on one subject leads to success.
Posted by TS Team 1st December, 2002

Many poeple out there that do not know about the community will rate this game high.
Posted by Lloyd Harvey 9th July, 2003

Why...? Why is this so bad?






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