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Review: HeliumMan:MiniBattle
Author: OFFINC/Aharms
Added: 30/09/2002

Needless to say I did not "Feel the rush" when playing this game. Any game that trys to give its self this much "hype" cannot be good. I found this game to be very poor. Lets see...

The graphics were decently rendered 3d balls and space ship type thingys. They weren't awful but they certainly aren't what I would like to see in a game. The menu graphic of helium man was pretty good... but the overall presentation of the menu was not pleasing.

Before actually going to play the game you are met with an advert. for the website that promises more helium man adventures... thats no good but easy get rid of by pressing the "start game button." The author uses text buttons by the way which in my opinion are very ugly and should be seldom used.

The actual in game play is awful. Helium man can move side to side at the bottom of the screen as enemy ships or asteriods fly at him. Helium man can shoot them with for different weapons at a time and periodically collects pills which let him shoot different color balls or laser thingys. I found the gameplay to be repetative and boring. But I am not really into this type of game so perhap some other person would enjoy it more.

Music was not memorable, the sounds were okay and every time you killed some one or got shot helium man would say something in his high pitched voice which was pretty cool.

Overall, I would not recommend this game, to any one. I cannot give any tips for improvement really, I would try to make a completely different game.


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