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Project: Tormishire
Project Started: 7th February, 2007 Last Update: 15th December, 2009
Project Owner: Dr. James MD Project Members: MrPineapple
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Project Overview  
Preview Spiritual sequel to Sam with the art style n all, but the gameplay is absolutely different. It's a non-linear adventure game that takes place in a huge world full of twists, strange events and little creatures. A world caught between old and new, full of life, religions, hopes, nightmares and pineapples.

It wont be freeware.

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Apr 2007-
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- Very big world to explore through 5 chapters
- Full 2 player co-op; CPU or human
- Emphasis on varied paths, multiple routes and gameplay methods
- Full Xbox 360 controller support including rumble, analogue sticks and triggers
- Downloadable Content with custom server support
- 360 degree swimming engine
- 50 collectable items, 50 books and 50 medals for all your exploration needs!
- Medals, a method of recording progress and achievements
- 10 bosses and lotsa enemies
- 3-4 hour long OST
- Lotsa stuff and things!

Think thats it!

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So where are we
Posted 15th Dec 09, by Dr. James MD 23 Comments
It's still not been abandoned!
One of the upcoming briefs for my course involves matte painting, something I knew little about before researching. And it is pretty brilliant, which impanted thought seeds about building the game in a higher resolution (well, native 640x480) using the same sprites, but with Photoshop background objects instead. Still not entirely sure on it since it would mean rebuilding the engine in HWA which I'm not prepared to do yet. But then it runs the risk of breaking out of the Amiga style I was aiming for... and would add more dev time to it all. So maybe no?


Also finishing up work on our next couple of projects. Hadal is like 99% done and Tempests core engine is built.

See thats the problem of leaving a project alone for a while, too many conflicting ideas come creeping in D:. Just wish I had more friggin time or could just add a couple more hours into the day. Yea.
Posted 15th Oct 09, by Dr. James MD 9 Comments
The games being pushed back again! There's no way it's ever going to be cancelled, both me and Pineapple have put in way too much work for that to happen. But it might be a bit longer still in development. I've recently started giving lectures at college, it's great stuff but there's a lot of preparation involved which takes away from the Tormi dev stuff.

That and we're still working on those 2 new games. They're both too early in development for any promo stuff yet but they're coming along well.

So time; hard to find! Bear with me.

Am baaayaack
Posted 21st Aug 09, by Dr. James MD 13 Comments
I've only been doing little bits of work on Tormi for a month or so now. The main focal point is making it easier.

Unless the player is in a boss fight, dying not takes you back to the door you entered through of that frame. So enemies you current killed will still be dead, powerups collected etc.
Also added a little arrow that points to the nearest door (other than the one you entered through) to aid exploration for new players. Might make that into an item though...

Added a new effect to the boss that was featured heavily in the 2nd Chapter trailer. I've learnt a lot from one of my new projects about physics implementation in MMF2 so I'm putting that to good use.

So that's Tormi!

But we have started work on 2 new games. Yes, we! Pineapples doing teh muzacs this time so these will be our first public release.

One of them is a full on adventure game with a size somewhere between Lunnye and Tormi, which we've nicknamed Tempest for now (nothing to do with the older Tempest game, I wanted to put Project or Codename before it but that sounds daft). Supports 360 controller or keyboard/mouse if you don't have one.
The second is a shorter game, but designed for multiple run throughs and currently called Hadal.

Both are using heavily modified Tormishire engines, both HWA, both should be out next month.
Posted 8th Jul 09, by Dr. James MD 17 Comments
Back in 2007 I added a little beta stuff to Tormi which recorded the frame, player position and cause of death whenever the player died. Which is then saved to deaths.ini for later evaluation.

Originally this was super coo but as these records grew I needed a way to interpret them quickly.

So I made this!

It's a small app in 18 events that plots out a graph of where players die.
This one being mine, going back to 2007.

This one being Piney's going back to 2008.

So whats this in aid of? It lets me see which levels people mostly die on so I can go back and adjust them. Though this will be much more important once the game is nearly finished and in testers hands.
Ideally I'm aiming to get both our graphs flat on release so it isn't too hard.

Just updated this. It now supports longer frame scrolling (which is selected depending on how many frames there are). Gonna bundle this with the finished game too with some markers to show level/boss names.
It's even possible to have the stats uploaded and have a global display like this. But that would be silly.

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