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Project: K&P/TGF/CNC/MMF bundled game revival
Project Started: 5th December, 2021 Last Update: 23rd August, 2022
Project Owner: Joshtek Project Members:
Project Type: Game archival and conversion Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview This is a project to make the demo games which came bundled for free with Klik & Play, The Games Factory, Click & Create, and Multimedia Fusion such as Zeb, Romeo and Gracillis V publicly available and accessible in the interests of preservation and showcasing Clickteam's tools.

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It's out!
Posted 23rd Aug 22, by Joshtek Post A Comment

After a long break I had time to work on the collection so I did, and over a short period I managed to complete it. It did require a fair bit of work, though.

I talked to Jeff Vance of Clickteam to ask about adding game pack games to the offering and he said yes. This is great because it means I could include the K&P Gamepack and CNC Space Games collection, but that also meant I had to get the games working on modern systems. This involved booting up my VM to load the AVI videos the games used in VirtualDub to convert them from a long-abandoned codec to one which is still supported.

I decided to move away from having a gazillion different releases for every game as too many games had tiny bugs in later Click tools and they mostly worked well enough when built in the original tools. Instead, I decided to bundle the tool with a PDF version of the article at to help people play old games. For some which really didn't work I re-built them on different tools.

I also worked to track down some of the old K&P Maxis games which were online releases of games featured in an old Klik & Play guide on making games. There are two games in that pack which I can't find online which are Soccer Death (designed by Will Wright, designer of SimCity and The Sims) and Normal's Quest (an RPG). If anyone has the originals released online then let me know.

I also created a guide to the games which to bundle with the .zip and finally I made a graphic to represent the games. Thanks to everyone who has supported this project!

For the finished product see:
Release candidate ready for K&P game demos
Posted 9th Dec 21, by Joshtek Post A Comment
I have now got a test version of all the Klik & Play demo games which people can check out at and let me know if it works for them.

As usual, the guide for running Klik & Play games on Windows 10 is at

I've included TGF builds of the games which should be identical to the K&P versions but able to be run on 64-bit systems.

I've also created a Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ (CF25) versions which take advantage of more modern features, such as being able to resize the screen while maintaining aspect ratio but without changing the screen resolution as well as multi-samples.

The instructions were originally in .wri format, but I've also created .pdf versions.

One quirk I came across is that due to the Klik & Play palette the colours were off if I built the game using CF2.5 in 256-colour mode, so I ended up first converting the games to 16 million colour mode.

Bugs to fix for CF2.5 versions:
* Romeo: Opening text is a bit broken
* Go for Goal: Game never starts when space bar is pressed
* Zero-G Pinball: Only the first ball works
* Pinta: Positioning of objects seems wrong
* Reversi: Cursor below some UI elements

Bugs to fix for KNP versions:
* Ski Monday (KNP) is actually TGF
A good start
Posted 5th Dec 21, by Joshtek Post A Comment

So far things are off to a good start:
* Jeff of Clickteam said it was okay to make the demo games available for people to (re-)play.
* I have all of the demo games for the various versions Click tools.
* I've made K&P and TGF executables of all the bundled K&P demo games (Brain Wave, Condition Red, Crazy Pool, Go for Goal, Gracillis V, Hungry Hedgehogs, K&P Card Game, Maniac Racers, Music Madness, Operation Overkill, Pinta, Quads, Racing Line, Reversi, Romeo, Ski Monday, Slot Machine, The Face Game, Toyland, Zero-G Pinball).
* I've made Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ versions of most of the K&P demo games, including changing the options to modernise things a bit (supporting proper screen resizing while preserving aspect ratio, enabling multi-samples, etc). Only 9 to go.
* I have screenshots for all of the K&P and TGF demo games and existing entries for them on Kliktopia that can be updated once the game is available.
* As a bonus, I've identified the original Shareware release of Urban Attack Force, originally made in Klik & Play as an exclusive for PC Direct magazine but later turned into a Click & Create then Multimedia Fusion game demo.

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