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Project: CastleForge
Project Started: 27th November, 2011 Last Update: 13th April, 2013
Project Owner: AugustoAD Project Members:
Project Type: Sandbox/Building/Platformer/Castle Defense Project Progress:

Project Archive

April 2013
  Project Halted.

October 2012
  New title screen.

September 2012
  Late Progress.

August 2012
  I'm back!

June 2012
  Bad News
  Normal Mode will receive main changes.

May 2012
  0.6b is done!
  About Boss Fights
  0.6b is likely to be released tomorrow.

April 2012
  Project being resumed.

March 2012
  For 0.6b...
  0.5b2/2 is done!

February 2012
  Aaand 0.5b 1/2 is DONE!

January 2012
  CastleForge 0.5 is almost done. Alpha is over. It is now BETA!

December 2011
  To next update...
  Alpha 0.4a is done.
  Alpha 0.3a is out!
  Contents for the next update.

November 2011
  Alpha 0.2a is out.
  Block Types.

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