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Project: The Legend of Mario
Project Started: 30th April, 2009 Last Update: 25th September, 2009
Project Owner: Dark Link Project Members: weka
Project Type: Mainly Platformer, but will contain most types. Project Progress:
More Info: Faves: 4

Project Overview  
Preview We need a team:
A few of coders
Dark Link

A musican or two
Dark Link (back up only)

Tester (someone who can test the game throughly, and run EVERY scenario)

Graphic Artists

Thinkers(people who are creative who can suggest if stuff needs to be added/taken away to/from the game.

Contact me if you are interested.
First come first served

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No more brainstorming
Posted 25th Sep 09, by Dark Link Post A Comment
Until now, over the summer, i have been doing about 98% brainstorming, and 2% programming.

Now i will do 100% programming in the weeks to come.

In case you havent noticed, i changed the name of the game to "The Legend of Mario"

Remember that world list i said i would get to you? I lost it. But i made an even better one now.

Chapter 1
1-Tutorial levels
7-Dark pt. 1

Chapter 2
8-Dark Pt 2
Haunted Mansion
Bowser's Fortress
Yoshi's Island
Dk's Jungle (yes he is in the mario universe)
16-Peach's Castle pt 1

Chapter 3
17-Peach's Castle pt 2
Wooden Ship
Shroob Dungeon
X-Naut Base
Pit of Trials (fighting world)
25-Abyssal Gate pt 2

Chapter 4
26-Abyysal Gate pt 1
Bowser's Fortress
Peach's Castle
Yoshi's Island
Boo's Mansion
Rainbow Island
Kirby Land
Dk's Junble
Shroob Dungeon
Cecillia's Kingdom
Daar's Palace
Rock Paradise
47-Bomb-omb Island
49-Star Haven

There are 49 worlds.

There will be one more level called "Moon Circle" which will be this sorta combination of all 49 worlds.

If there is a number to the left of a world, then that world must be the Xth world completed.

I am also looking at RetroWorld (lvls. from old Nintendo Games), Coliseum (fighting arena), and Racing Track (obsiously you race here).

So assuming each world has only 8 levels, and there is only one type of level (i.e. no trap, boss,etc modes), Then we are looking at about 1668 stars.

As I have said in the past, this will be a fairly long game. But the good thing about longs games, is that if they are good, then people will enjoy their longness
Posted 16th Sep 09, by Dark Link Post A Comment
As of now, i am working on all of the maps for the game. Not much of a devlog, but there are lots of maps so..

I was going to list all of the worlds, but the website it was on is either down, or gone soo i will have to get back to yall on that
What kind of Puzzles?
Posted 11th Sep 09, by Dark Link 1 Comment
What kind of puzzles do you like. Its time istarted planning you some of the puzzles, and i want to get a good idea of what most people or at least some people like
Posted 9th Sep 09, by Dark Link 2 Comments
I am taking double jumping out for most of the characters. It wasnt until now that i realized that the old platform mario games had only one jump.

As of now, i plan for there to be 20 playable characters, although 8 of those will probably have to be cut out.

I haved added the Hammer Brother Suit.
And forgot to include the Star from the previous list.

Now i will shall explain the items in the game a little bit.

Mario shall be used as an example.

Small Mario (aka mario without mushroom) is stage 1

When you die, you go to stage 0.

Big Mario is stage 2.

At stage 3, the items split up into groups.

Type: Fire
Fire Flower: Stage 3
Lava Suit: Stage 4
Super Fire Flower: Stage 5

Type: Ice
Ice Flower: Stage 3
Snow Suit: Stage 4
Super Ice Flower: Stage 5

Type: Normal
Mini Mushroom: Stage 3
Hammer Brother Suit: Stage 4
Shell Suit: Stage 4
Giant Mushroom: Stage 5
Star: Stage 5

Type: Eletric
Shock Flower: Stage 3
Eletric Suit: Stage 4
Super Shock Flower: Stage 5

Type: Flying
Racoon Suit: Stage 3
Cape: Stage 4
Tonoki Suit: Stage 5

All Stage 5 items are temporary

All Items whose stage is above 2 (3,4, and 5) must be bought in the shop with the exception of the normal type group whose items are avalible from the start of the game.

Stage 4 items can be bought after passing Chapter 1 (first digital upgrade)

Stage 5 items can be bought after passing Chapter 2 (second digital upgrade).

With the sudden burst of items, within the game, you will also be able to buy item holders (i.e. if you have a fire flower and you touch a mushroom, the mushroom will be taken to the item holder until you A. Use it or B. It gets replace by another item.

Things to do:
Recode the characters and remove their double jumps (which is simple, and will make the game a lot simplier)

Calculate the number of stars, and assign an appopriate star cost to everything in the shop.

Plan out the shop frame to include all of the new items, and possible characters.

Most important, design animations for each character for each suit for each chapters.

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