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perhaps a little stupid

  30/06/2022 20:30:32
14th July, 2022 at 14/07/2022 17:45:24 -

the title pretty much says it all, what is your opinion on the Roller Coaster Tycoon series, whether it be the original 2 games by chris sawyer, or when atari took over.

personally my favorite is the original 2.



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21st July, 2022 at 21/07/2022 19:33:47 -

I've never played the Roller Coaster Tycoon games although I have seen a few cool YouTube videos of rollercoasters made in it. I'm impressed that the original game was mostly written in assembly to get maximum performance.

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9th February, 2023 at 09/02/2023 04:09:05 -

First 2 games were really groundbreaking at the time. 3rd game was great foray into 3D. Thrillville is the 4th Roller Coaster game by Frontier, and it was a bit different since you couldn't fully customize the park layouts, but I believe the sequel/expansion let you do so. And it had a fun and unique system where you could converse with park guests. And now we have Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo by Frontier which are amazing. I also love the Theme Park series by Bullfrog if you haven't tried those. Very dated, but I felt the business management aspect was always better than the RCT games.

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