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22nd November, 2010 at 23:52:16 -

Yes thats me, believe it or not I'm no longer ginger (although I never had freckles or ultralight skin ) as the sun has died my hair to a light brown. so suck a dick but thanks for remembering me

lol that made me laugh


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23rd November, 2010 at 13:44:30 -

Originally Posted by HorrendousGames

Originally Posted by Eternal Man [EE]
I personally dislike polymorphic tweening, I think it contrasts too much with the rest of the gfx (if you are making pixel gfx that is).

That has to do with your particular art style, not the technique itself. Like I said, the technique is basically deforming various shapes, and it can work for any art style. For instance, my christmas compo project balances this perfectly. If you wanted to go for a more pixel gfx style, you certainly could.

@Gamester: I don't know of any tutorials online anywhere, although I'm sure they'll have them. Since it's one of those techniques that isn't talked about much, almost forgotten, it doesn't really get around. I personally learned it from a good friend of mine, who's a college educated artist/animator. I might do a tutorial on it, but he's really good at explaining things, so I'll see if he'll be interested in doing a few tutorials.

Will be interesting to see your game!
And as a conclusion: Use the technique that suits you.

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23rd November, 2010 at 19:31:11 -

I'm leaving for the thanksgiving week but I have Graphics Gale loaded on my linux laptop (gotta love wine ) so I'll work on it some more and remove black.

BTW, does MMF2 work under Wine? Thats a question for those linux clickers out there

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24th November, 2010 at 01:14:57 -

You alcoholic.



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