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18th January, 2008 at 14:32:50 -

I always heard that the n64 was very difficult to develop for due to a few poor decisions made by those that created it. Like incredibly low texture cache and poor fill rates, often lower than even the playsation 1 despite being much more powerful in most areas.
However the gamecube is, (to my knowledge) much easier to develop for. Perhaps only because Nintendo listened to developer feedback and themlseves learned from N64's errors.





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18th January, 2008 at 18:10:13 -

in my opinion, console gaming is dying. fewer and fewer truly innovative and original titles. this generation makes me not want to game no more. i own a ps2 and a few games, i dont see a point in buying a new system that costs two three or four times what i can pay for the last gen, which had better games anyways. if it weren't for guitar hero id probably sell it.

also, next gen systems (current generation) launched at such high prices. yeah theres always a significant price drop after about the first or second quarter of sales, but soon won't it just be cheaper to buy and play games on a pc? a pc that can play better looking games can be built for about the same or a little more than the ps3 lunch price of 600$


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18th January, 2008 at 18:16:36 -

Well the console market has been rising since it was born, and with the Wii and the newly tapped casual market it's really accelerating. I don't know about the games though. I play around 1-2 truly great games a year which hasn't changed (for me) since the Amiga days.

Console gaming is bad because PC's are more powerful? Didn't know that would affect gameplay so much. There's no Mario Galaxy on PC.

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18th January, 2008 at 18:36:56 -

Originally Posted by cec┐l
in my opinion, console gaming is dying. fewer and fewer truly innovative and original titles.

I could say the same for the PC, or at least when I look at the store shelves. And handhelds will definitely grow in popularity.

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