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Don't listen to this idiot


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10th September, 2006 at 13:35:15 -

MMF 1.5 sprite editor kicks TGF / MMF2's BUTT TO HELL!!

Both suck. A lot.

That's the problem with Clickteam, they don't really make bad software, they just release things with a lot of bugs, and if, and only if it sells WITH the bugs, they fix the bugs.

Then learn a real programming language instead. If there's a bug, then it's cause YOU caused it.

- Ok, you must admit that was the most creative cussing this site have ever seen -

Make some more box arts damnit!


12th September, 2006 at 17:07:04 -

Its true. I HATE TGF and MMF2 sprite editor. I wish clickteam would release a version that would let you choose which one. This is the absolute only downside I have yet to find in MMF2.

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