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Shinobi Densetsu 0.3
Author: Team SD Submitted: 16th August, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 102

This is the renewed Shinobi Densetsu, made out completely out of original and free content.

SD is a Castletroid-ish game, where RPG and 360 Physics Platformer merge with most elements of 2D action games.

Another interesting element is the possibility of controlling teams of followers that you acquire during gameplay. Give them basic AI commands such as "follow", or play them individually for more strategic approaches.

The 360 Physics derived directly from the engine's core: Under the hood it's all a Sonic the Hedgehog(tm) engine called Open Surge.

There are quests, bosses, shops and NPCs just like one would expect of an RPG, and yet it's played like a side scroller, based on a combat system codenamed "Fracture" which contains some Beat-em-up elements like special and combo attacks. All this is half the game, the other half is pure platformer action.

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Posted by Chris Burrows 17th August, 2011

Haven't played it yet, but the screen shots look great. Pretty sure you didn't make this in MMF. What did you use?
Posted by Team SD 17th August, 2011

We used a free engine called Open Surge. It's made in C++ and is controlled through scripts.





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