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platform engine (DISCARDED)
Author: Team SD Submitted: 7th May, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 647

Edited By Oxid Media on 1/19/2011

early development version. Many bugs included =
for a more comprehensive description please view the project's main page

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Posted by Dr. James MD 11th May, 2009
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Many bugs included indeed. Rapidly pressing fire seems to throw them spikey things into the floor, holding down and the direction keys seem to slide the player around. It's just a really basic platform engine?
Posted by bigredron 12th May, 2009

Image doesnt seem to work. i dont download a game without seeing a screenshot first.
Posted by Team SD 17th May, 2009

thank you for commenting
the engine is still really basic indeed since i haven't figured out how to handle the collisions with the background correctly. and for some strange reason i can't seem to link the screenshot correctly, even though that's the correct image url. if anyone could help on this i'd be most thankful.





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