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Author: Nicklas_N Submitted: 8th January, 2011 Favourites:5
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 310
82nd Place     (4.33 / 5)

Maneuver a sphere through 10 worlds filled with unique challenges and new surprises, and enjoy a beautiful soundtrack created by experimental jazz musician Chris Schlarb. NightSky is a two dimensional physics platform game for Windows produced by Nicalis.

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Posted by Fanotherpg 9th January, 2011
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I bought it at release date and I have to say that it's good, worth money, worth time good experience sometimes really irritating : )
Posted by Tropik 9th January, 2011
Rated :

Great as always. All your games are so pretty. I'm just frustrated, because I have to pay to continue playing... : |
Posted by Fanotherpg 9th January, 2011
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Everyone would like to make a living so appreciate that
Posted by MasterM 9th January, 2011
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I haven't written a review in years but there simply was no reason for this. I am not using the average review system of the dc because its retarded / forces categories onto me.

This game is just awesome. I love the visuals of it. The simplicity and beauty of it. If anyone says games are not art they should play Night Sky- it's a beautiful piece of art.

I love the whole feeling this game has. All the sound effects create a great atmosphere. Also the fact you sometimes got some music, some soft guitar playing and then just atmosphere sounds. It's a great soothing and relaxing mix.

I think there is a lot of melancholy in this game. You feel pretty alone and it's sad but in a beautiful way.

So let's talk about the game play. The engine seems flawless to me. There is a lot of variation in the game play and great ideas. I think the weirdest was a triangle shaped vehicle with 3 wheels but it was also a lot of fun at the same time.

So yeh what can I say? The engine is great, the game is fun, the game is something I would show to my friends and anyone who isn't a hard core gamer because I think this game can just be enjoyed by anyone so easily. It's not like your average oh "shoot those guys and watch out for your lives" games which isn't too appealing to a lot of people who don't play much games.

So overall this is a piece of art I recommend everyone to check out.
Posted by Liquixcat 10th January, 2011
Rated :

MMF2 is now a better program having compiled this. I'm not joking.

Edit: Full version ftw
Comment edited by Liquixcat on 1/10/2011
Posted by Duncan 10th January, 2011
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I'm stuck on the bridge part in the sixth bit of harararara mountains on alternate mode, any help?
Posted by Mathias Kærlev 10th January, 2011
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Awesome game! Bought and enjoyed Image Would love to see more levels for this (I suppose it runs on the same engine as Saira, so I guess there must be a map editor somewhere)!
<br />

<br />
Dogzer, your comment(s) are highly unconstructive. How can you say the genre and the art style are especially bad? It doesn't make sense. Also, if you buy it, you actually get a portable version. In general, you're pretty rude against this game (I must suppose you don't like Nifflas as a person, since I don't see any valid arguments in what you're saying).
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Posted by Alonso Martin 10th January, 2011

I can't believe these things are being said of this game. I haven't played it yet, but I'm sure it holds the same standard for quality the rest of Nifflas' games. Games should only get 1 star if they remained as ideas; otherwise, lots of effort went into them.
Posted by Wackyjackie 10th January, 2011
Rated :

@Dogzer - <Facepalm> Silly provocation...

Great game . I'm going to buy a full version, but I've got one question - will this game ever be released on Steam?
Posted by MeadowHare 11th January, 2011
Rated :

Wow... Very good, as always, Nifflas. The graphical style and music are really calming. Your ambient atmosphere creation skills have improved since "Knytt" and "Within a Deep Forest." The physics engine is completely flawless... I'm in awe!

I'm actually amazed that there aren't more downloads of this game. Come on, people, download this! this is Nifflas we're talkin' about here!
Posted by Tropik 11th January, 2011
Rated :

Is the physics engine by "Phizix Chimpunk Engine" ?
Posted by ELC_Games 11th January, 2011
Rated :

Wonderful, wonderful demo! You can expect I'll buy the full version.
Posted by Nicklas_N 11th January, 2011

Dogzer: I prefer games without installers too, but as the game is located on multiple servers it's just annoying to have way too many builds. Please point out how many commercial indie games that are portable anyway. At least the full version of NightSky offers this, which is far more than you can expect from most titles.

Though I don't care, if you absolutely don't want to run the installer, just grab universal extractor or whatever, extract the files from the installer, and set Portable Mode in Game.ini to 1. And I really don't care.
Comment edited by Nicklas_N on 1/11/2011
Posted by Nicklas_N 11th January, 2011

Oh, and thanks everyone for the comments! I'm glad you like the game \o/

And don't get me wrong, I appreciate people who have negative criticism too if you have skills in posting it in a socially acceptable way.
Posted by Duncan 11th January, 2011
Rated :

My only niggle is that with most (so far) of the puzzles/dexterity challenges being single screen, it's a bit punishing to be sent back a few and having to replay things that aren't part of the problem you're trying to solve.

I love hard games, of course, but this is nothing so base as a twitch platformer!

Nonetheless, five stars and ten english pounds!
Posted by Rhys D 11th January, 2011

is it using chipmunk or box2d?
Posted by Ski 11th January, 2011
Rated :

"EDIT: Tropik, yes, it's Chipmunk.
Comment edited by looki on 1/11/2011"
Posted by Va1entine 12th January, 2011
Rated :

The Art style is amazing, I'd love to achieve this standard of game making! 5 STAR AMAZING!!!!
Posted by Sephirenn 13th January, 2011
Rated :

Great amazing game but too short.
Posted by AndyUK 14th January, 2011
Rated :

It's a well made game, well programmed (partly thanks to the guys that created the physics extension) good if not amazing sound and music and well designed levels and puzzles.
<br />
It reminds me of Little big planet a bit actually.
<br />

<br />
I don't like the black foreground and gradient backgrounds. They don't look ugly but it just seems incredibly lazy and i'll say the same about any other game in this style.

Oh, I'll just add I wouldn't pay for this.
Comment edited by AndyUK on 1/14/2011
Posted by UrbanMonk 15th January, 2011
Rated :

Yes, I must admit that although the game itself felt professional there just didn't seem to be much substance to the level designs. I felt like I jumped so many silly ramps and didn't really have as many puzzle elements as I would have liked.

I've bought all your games thus far but this one was disappointing.

Within a Deep Forest was the best ball game you made. Not only that but it was one of the only klik games that got me hooked till the very end! I couldn't stop playing until I beat it. Make a 2nd one with similar gameplay and I'll love it!
Posted by The Chris Street 15th January, 2011
Rated :

I enjoyed it a lot. Beautiful as ever, but perhaps a trifle samey.
Posted by Simon Colmer 15th January, 2011
Rated :

Just had a quick play, this is once again another awesome game. Have you considered learning a mobile platform language and porting your games? I would totally buy them then
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 16th January, 2011

Was this made with MMF???
Posted by The Chris Street 16th January, 2011
Rated :

This would be great on iPhone and Android phones.
Posted by steve 16th January, 2011
Rated :

Just finished the demo (loved the credits level at the end)


Absolutely stunning work of art.
Posted by Chizuko 18th February, 2011
Rated :

Nice game! I enjoyed it!





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