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EverEternal WinterWorld 2
Author: Jake G Submitted: 18th July, 2010 Favourites:6
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 832

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All is well and good atop your mountain-top labs and your winter machine is fully operational. However little do you know you are about to have a visit from a former "bestest buddy".

EverEternal WinterWorld 2 was originally meant to be released for The Daily Click's 2007 Christmas competition, however production was too slow and eventually the project went on a hiatus. However slowly the game reached near-completion, but did not make it far enough to be classified "fully complete". So the game was unworked on for quite some time. Due to no motivation to complete it, we are releasing it here as a full-game abandonware exactly how we left it back in June 2008.

The game was mostly created by Benjamin Follington ( 2006-2009) with alot of help from Ricky James ( 2006-2009) and me, Jake Greer ( 2006-2009, 2010).

-Improved engine and mechanics from the first game.
-Unlockable character customisation.
-Unlimited save files.
-A large approximately 3 hour quest.
-RPG elements.
-Alterable game settings for slower computers.

How to Play:

(By Default)

A - Jump
S - Shoot
W - Menu / Weapon Switcher

Down - Action
Arrows - Move and Aim

This can all be changed using Config.exe

It is fully functional, but a few bugs may exist.

For Expert Players:
Think you have played the game the whole way through?
Well, have you found...
1. Haxville
2. The Secret Santa Sign
3. The Chamber of Heroes
4. The Secret Final Boss Then perhaps you have some more playing to do...

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Posted by Matthew Wiese 20th July, 2010
Rated :

Very good so far, I think I may be about half way in, strange a game as good as this hasn't gotten any comments yet though. Keep making cave story-like games like this, and keep the hilarious humor!
Posted by Jake G 20th July, 2010


Thanks Matthew!
I have a theory that most people are playing it through before commenting. Perhaps it is taking them awhile?
Posted by alastair john jack 20th July, 2010

Aww, I was hoping you guys would finish it up

Anyway I recommend people play this, it's great fun.
Posted by Jake G 20th July, 2010

Alspal it is pretty much finished. It has credits and everything! Its just that it doesn't have much new music and the final tweaks.
Posted by Rikus 21st July, 2010

I tried to make a quick video for this but gosh darnit! I can't get passed the first boss you encounter the first second you play the game, did it really need that hard of a boss right from the get go...sorry im just pissy that it killed me so many times and i am covering for my poor excuse as a gameplayer, ill hide in shame and try some more later.... but i am loving the graphics and movement of the character is spot on..its just that boss fight...--hides--
Posted by Watermelon876 21st July, 2010

Doesn't work on my computer. That's strange as the original EEWW did, albeit really slowly.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 21st July, 2010
Rated :

I'm planning on making a TDC review video for this. Just gotta get through the entire game first.
Posted by Jake G 21st July, 2010

Rickus, blame ben!!! =]
Watermelon, did you extract it to it's folder?
Matther, OMG YAY =D Thanks man!
Posted by Matthew Wiese 21st July, 2010
Rated :

Finally beat the game, it got really hard near the very end. But definitely worthy of GOTM IMO. Image
<br />

<br />
But I think I'm the only one with enough patience to play it. :/

My actual score for it is 4.5, but I rounded up
Comment edited by Matthew Wiese on 7/21/2010
Posted by Jake G 21st July, 2010

Hooray for roundups! Thanks for playing it. Glad you enjoyed it. I am sure ben is too.
Posted by viva/volt 21st July, 2010

I thought I'd comment, seems appropriate.

Firstly; Rikus, that's odd that the boss gives you so much trouble - I guess I didn't get enough first time players to try him. If you rush to the switch as soon as he starts shooting again you should make it damage free most of the time.

Matt, I'm really pleased you actually finished this haha. Did you get the secret ending/boss too?

Anyone else; there are known problems with this game so if anything doesn't seem to work right - it probably doesn't...

Thanks for playing!
Posted by Matthew Wiese 21st July, 2010
Rated :

I don't believe I got the secret ending boss, I got Companion Vexal as the very last boss. Coudl you tell me a way of unlocking the secret boss?
Posted by nim 21st July, 2010

I downloaded this game but haven't commented yet. I was just enjoying playing it first - sorry for not giving you feedback sooner!

I'm currently (stuck?) at the part with a red door and blue door. I've seemingly completed the parts that are supposed to unlock the doors but the blue one remains closed. Is there something else I need to do?
Posted by Matthew Wiese 21st July, 2010
Rated :

Have you defeated the basement monster yet? He is in the bottom left corner of the Blue Robot's house.
Posted by viva/volt 21st July, 2010

You might have to talk to the blue robot after killing the boss... I can't remember if I changed that or not...

The secret boss, if you go to the second last teleporter in the teleporter station, go back to the start of that room, (get the up arrow block and jump through the small gap and ride the platform below) you'll see a block with 27^2 on it, you need 27^2 enemies killed to unlock the way in but it appears there.
Posted by kelvin_oo 23rd July, 2010

hey guys,i'm stuck!!help!
i found a room,the winter bomb is there,and i defeated the old guy who has a crutch in his hand,then there is a explosion,when i woke up,i found i can't go back to the previous rooms.there's a way,but the platform is to far away to reach.
Posted by viva/volt 24th July, 2010

I'm pretty sure you just have to do a running hover jump with the ice gun... I don't remember making any impossible jumps, but that is the least tested part of the game so... Hm
Posted by Jake G 24th July, 2010

i know the one... that jump is VEEERY HARD!!!! like almost impossible. i kept dying. you can juuuuust make it!
Posted by Jake G 24th July, 2010

also WOO 100 downloads =]
Posted by kelvin_oo 24th July, 2010

oh!i made it!just using 2 tries today.thanks guys!
Posted by eliris 25th July, 2010

please update da link, it says: "out of bandwidth"
Posted by viva/volt 26th July, 2010

Until Jake changes it, hosted here:
Posted by Demon Lizardman 29th July, 2010

Oh great, I can't run this, what should I do, Windows 7 computer.
Posted by viva/volt 29th July, 2010

Rename EEWW2.dat to GAME.exe or something similar ending in exe. Run that.

Not sure why that happens on 7...
Posted by ReverendTed 30th July, 2010
Rated :

Enjoyed this thoroughly (and that's not just because I love Secret Santas).
My thoughts are pretty disjointed, so I guess it's a good thing I'm not a video games journalist.

- In Vista (64bit), I had to right-click and "Run as Administrator" or it wouldn't start
- Didn't see a button for Pause, or "Return to main menu". ESC just instantly closes the program
- Dig the humor and the art style
- Good challenge
- Was pretty easy to "farm" the weapon upgrades, and I found it too tempting to resist
- Frustrating to find hats you couldn't collect, though I suppose it does encourage re-exploration
- Seemed too easy to "cheese" the 'Roided Companion Pot fight by lasering him from outside the arena
- That jump on the way back from the Winter Bomb is very very hard to nail properly

- Noticed some strange behavior after once-through:
-- Activated the Winter Bomb, beat the game
-- Chose to return to town
-- Fighting Vexal again, his health doesn't (appear to) decrease, so you have no choice but to die
-- After beating Companion Vexal again, I proceed to the "Ending" room with Bentley, but he doesn't say anything and it's impossible to leave, so you have no choice but to restart
-- Been re-collecting some of the health power-ups, so I'm at around 58 health I think (normal?)
-- I have 6 of 7 "scenes", and I'm wondering if these have anything to do with the monocle worms. (Also, not sure what to do with the monocle worms, all 7 of which I think I've found.)

- I have 10 (edit: 11) hats (including the starting hat), and I'm wondering how I'm missing so many
- "Hat here"?
- No idea what to do with the Kiss now that I've got it
- Not sure what I'm missing (if anything) since I didn't beat the game before activating the Winter Bomb
- Not sure what I'm missing since I headed back to town instead of the reset\restart

Comment edited by ReverendTed on 7/31/2010
Posted by viva/volt 31st July, 2010

Well I'm not 100% clear on all those things but: there isn't a 7th scene, never finished it. The hats are hidden pretty thoroughly, but I think they are all in the game except for the "Hat Here" one haha. The rest of that stuff is probably down to bugs I never found / fixed. The ending is probably just unsatisfying haha

If you feel like testing any of my future projects drop me a DC mail or something, I'm impressed by everything you found. Hopefully you could play an actual finished game then haha.

I'm glad someone played EVERY part of the game haha, I wasn't sure anyone would figure out the cryptic secret stuff that takes luck to find etc.
Posted by ReverendTed 31st July, 2010
Rated :

Ah, I see.

Well if the "hat here" hat isn't there (here?), is it possible to get the "100% Hats" hat? Or did that ever actually exist?

Ah, and it looks like I couldn't get the fez because of a scripting error. If you've already talked to Shorty before giving the briefcase to Hat Head, the script for talking to Shorty again is missing the getvar for "Hat Head".
I corrected the Fez error, and played through a little more. I think I might be all played out on EEWW2 at this point.
I realized that I was incorrect about the un-re-beatable Vexal - his health is well beyond the end of the bar, so it just takes longer to re-beat him and it doesn't look like anything is happening at first.
Final Stats:
78 HP
18 Hats (counting the "default" hat).
358 Deaths (lots of dropping down to search for hidden stuff)
2395 Kills
9:53:11 Playtime (Whew!)

(Above the Kills it says 6:13:47, not sure what that is - playtime disregarding segments ending in death?)
Comment edited by ReverendTed on 8/1/2010
Posted by viva/volt 1st August, 2010

Yeah that's the playtime without deaths. Also I'm impressed... I never played the game that much.

You are definitely done.

I'm working on something new at the moment so if you have any interest in being a tester / giving opinions etc then let me know.
Posted by Demon Lizardman 1st August, 2010

Where is that briefcase? And how do wear hats?
Posted by Jake G 2nd August, 2010

Briefcase is in a secret area called Haxville =] [Hint: It is accessed via the Plains!]
Posted by Introversity 8th October, 2010
Rated :


Edit: Okay, kind of sad that I didn't find the briefcase until I had finished the entire game, now I've had to go through and find all the hats again! My favourite hats are the Jamie one, the skull mask and the Balaclava.
Comment edited by Introversity on 10/8/2010
Posted by TheoX 28th November, 2010

Currently playing through this game, it's very fun but I haven't finished it yet so I won't yet rate it.

I'm stuck at the part where you have to do a running jump with the ice gun. I don't know what "winter bomb" everyone is talking about, cause for me this part is right after you get the laser gun, nothing else. I have tried dozens of times to make this jump but I just can't. Is there some technique to the ice jumping?

I recommend in future games you don't have jumps like this. There's a very high possibility of less-patient people putting down the game forever.
Posted by TheoX 29th November, 2010

OK I sort of cheated to get past the ice jump - I got hit by the worm on purpose and used the hurt boost to help me jump across. But now I'm stuck at another jump, after the bomb boss, and I think I know what jump people were talking about, now. There's a switch like 5 blocks up, with spikes underneath it, and a slope to the left, but too far away to be helpful. Any tips?
Posted by TheoX 10th December, 2010

So, apparently my laptop doesn't let me use 4 keyboard buttons at one time. That's why I was having so much trouble with the jumps. I couldn't press right, down, a, and s at the same time (the buttons required to do a running gun jump). So I used the config file to map "down" to the jump button - now I can hover easily. I'm on the final boss now; it's a pain in the ASS! Quite challenging, though it's a little unfair how the rotating green things move WITH the boss when it switches positions (Something I doubt was intentional cause its hella cheap). Rating once I finish the game.
Posted by Jake G 2nd November, 2011

Woah! Thanks for the comments! I just came back from a year long hiatus! =]
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 18th January, 2012
Rated :

Ha ha! This game is excellent! ;D
4.5 stars, 5 if it were finished!





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