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The Sanzaru Fortress
Author: Guillermo (Cc) Submitted: 21st May, 2010 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 238

Edited By Rikus on 10/11/2010

The Sanzaru Fortress is filled with challenges and mysteries. You need to be fast, skilled and smart in order to escape alive.

A hardcore retro experience that will test your skills as well as your mind.


These are the default controls, you can run the Settings.exe
application to change these settings.

Left/Right Arrows - Movement

Down - Change weapon (you need one or more crystals)
Shoot - X / Joy button 1, Jump - Z / Joy button 2

Up Arrow - Enter Doors/Save Game, Enter - Pause game

Alt+Enter - Switch between fullscreen and windowed mode

New in v1.1

- Added pause button (Enter).
- Controls can now be configured.
- Added settings.exe application.
- In fullscreen mode you can go to windowed mode by pressing Esc.
- Small level changes to make game less frustrating.
- Fixed window position problem.
- Added title bar to game window so now it can be moved.
- Enemy movement was changed to seem more natural.
- Updated readme.txt

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Posted by Mkingy 22nd May, 2010
Rated :

Really good game so far, I've completed 2 bosses (the bottom two) And found out some other useful stuff but not sure where this last place is
Posted by Pan-tosser 22nd May, 2010

cool, I impressed. The magneta color is a nice touch.
Posted by UrbanMonk 22nd May, 2010
Rated :

Very good game.

The Jump was a little awkward, and so were the enemy movements.

I got a Hocus Pocus feeling playing it.

Loved that game!

EDIT: did you draw the graphics?
Comment edited by UrbanMonk on 5/22/2010
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 22nd May, 2010

Thanks for the comments!

2 bosses so far? you are skilled! So you are missing a door eh?

Yay! we need more magenta in games

Thanks for the feedback, some other people have commented on the enemy movements as well, so I'm working to improve them for the next update. Thanks! Also, yes, I drew the graphics
Posted by Mkingy 22nd May, 2010
Rated :


Finally completed it

Quality game, loads of fun imo

Sorta expected one final boss though!
Comment edited by Mkingy on 5/22/2010
Posted by Renduck 23rd May, 2010
Rated :

Nice game.... I just beated 2 bosses, but i have a problem with the third door:

The block is located made a mistake or was to be thus?
Posted by Mkingy 23rd May, 2010
Rated :

Haha yes, this was the one i struggled with.

Hint: The only dangerous thing on the game that doesn't die is the fireballs...
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 23rd May, 2010

Yes, that's intentional

if you came from the right part of that screen you should already know what to do...

Posted by UrbanMonk 24th May, 2010
Rated :

i must play this some more. Wish I didn't have school right now.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 25th May, 2010

This seems pretty cool, but I have a suspicion that the game isn't supposed to run as fast as it does on my machine. Those fireball enemy things move so quickly up and down that it's almost impossible to avoid them in certain situations, and the wasps have the same problem except for the ones that move in circles - they're almost impossible to hit.

Still, this game intrigues me, and I might try it out on the other computer.
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 25th May, 2010


You should play some more, there are still items to be found!


That's odd, have you experienced this problem with other Multimedia Fusion 2 games? The fireball is quick but not THAT quick. And you can see the wasps in the trailer, that's their normal speed, in any case they are not any faster than the ones moving in circles.

What kind of computer you have?

Thanks for the report, much appreciated! I'll see if there's something I can do.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 26th May, 2010

I don't think I've had the problem before, but I don't play that many MMF2 games. The situation I was referring to where it was impossible to avoid the flame was near the start, there is one of those old men on a single brick floating above the ground. You get to him from the screen above by dropping down, but there are one of those fire things aligned with his Y axis. I find that it moves too fast for me to be able to make the jump down on to the old guy's brick without being hit by the flame that's going up and down there. This is pretty situational though, it won't ruin the game for me.

As for the birds, I just meant that the ones going in circles are easier to hit because their movement is more clustered, not because it's slower - you can fire in the center of the circle and generally hit them but the other birds are a fair bit harder.

To be honest, it could be running at the speed you intended it to be, and if that's the case I can appreciate it for what it is. I just thought because of that particular instance with the fire above the old man that perhaps the speed was a bit unbalanced on my machine. Still haven't tried it on the other computer yet, in case you were wondering. I will before I post next.

I just watched the trailer, looks like that's the speed you intended. Now that I know it's supposed to be like that, I'll get on with playing it!
Comment edited by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) on 5/27/2010
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 27th May, 2010

I just completed the game! Man, that was fun. I liked how exploration was a huge factor and the cryptic clues that those old men leave are cool too. I like how you have to 'figure out' this game, it's part of the charm. Love the retro graphics, love the sound, overall it was a great game, but way too short. I agree with the idea that there should have been a last boss, too... although the three bosses I fought were entertaining and suitably difficult.


There's only a couple of things that I couldn't figure out... there's a heart in a room with the old man and you need to get three of those butterflies to open the green block barrier, which I've done. I also found a forth butterfly (unless I lost count), which doesn't appear in the room like the others did. Anyway, I just can't get to that room! I'm only trying from below, though. I have a feeling it could be something to do with the series of spike pits to the left of the start point...

One more thing, in the area where that old man says "Are you sure you came this way for nothing?" I found the secret block to the left of him that you can jump through, and then the secret corner block of the wall to the right that allows you to jump over it, but as far as I can tell the only thing past that point is another hidden block that drops you back down to the floor level, where you came from. Does that exercise only exist to teach you about the secret blocks, or is there actually something to do that I've missed there?

Loved some of the harder puzzles by the way, like the blocks that can only be destroyed by enemy fire, and the hidden area where all the platforms are completely invisible near the far east butterfly...
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 28th May, 2010


wow, your attention to detail is amazing I always wondered if people would get things the way I intended and you were just spot on.

Although you just need 3 butterflies there are indeed 4, I thought someone could get stuck getting one so there's an extra butterfly. If you get 4 the 4 should show up there flying (unless there's some bug). The clue to get to the heart place is "Snipers trying to hunt. Bang!, Bang!, Bang!, Bang! You win if they're gone."

There's nothing more in that part you mention, some parts in the game only teach you something. I could've used an inventory and make the player get items to access new areas like in most adventure games but instead I wanted the player to get knowledge and use that to advance.

Thanks for your comments, and thanks for playing!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 28th May, 2010

Yeah, I thought that the hidden block guy was just to teach you about them, but the hint he gave me kind of made me think there was an item around there. All good!

Nice to know there were four butterflies! I got them all.

I remember that sniper hint, and I thought it had something to do with the fact that while I was jumping around a random long shot, like the one you can use yourself, appeared from the side of the screen. Would you mind telling me if that's part of the clue, or if it was merely my own long shot that I fired from the screen adjacent to it, and it showed up after the screen transition?
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 28th May, 2010

Heh, what you mention is a bug I was never able to fix (one of those MMF bugs you can't really explain yourself). If you shoot and then go up or down a screen and then get back, the shot will still be there, as if it got frozen when you moved to the other screen.

Sniper = enemy that shoots at you from afar. if you read the clue again carefully you will know about the exact location...
Posted by Rikus 11th October, 2010
Rated :

I hope with this weeks GOTW win the game will get even more downloads. Congrats!
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 13th October, 2010

Thanks, Rikus! I also hope more people try the game! A bit unforgiving at first, but once you get the hang of it you will enjoy it. Cheers!
Posted by Sephirenn 14th October, 2010
Rated :

I killed all the bosses but I don;t know how to get an ending... also, I can't get any of the butterflies...
Posted by BattleCat 14th October, 2010
Rated :

This game oozes quality. However, there is 1 thing that prevented me from enjoying the game: the difficulty!

Now, I read the comments here and everbody else seems to not have a problem so It's probably just my lack of skills. Never the less, I really couldn't get into the game because of it.
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 14th October, 2010

There's one more door, get there! You must've seen it while wandering around the fortress. Butterflies are tricky, try to pay attention to the tips from the wise men

Thanks, I know it's kind of hard, and if later I revisit the game, as planned, I'll work on it to make it more accessible. Try with a gamepad, it totally helps if you are a console player and are used to it!
Posted by Del Duio 29th March, 2011
Rated :

Rick said "This seems pretty cool, but I have a suspicion that the game isn't supposed to run as fast as it does on my machine. "

This is exactly my problem too. The game is extremely fast on my machine and you couldn't have meant it to run like this because it's impossible. Everything is way too fast in super hyper mode and the bosses forget it they're impossible at these speeds.

The best I was able to do is beat the octopus boss and get the 2nd gun upgrade and even that took upwards of an hour. Too bad though because it LOOKS like it should be awesome however it's way too fast to be much fun for me
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 30th March, 2011

Hi,Del Duio! The game's supposed to be fast! And I haven't had any issue with timing with games made on MMF2 in the past. But the game's normal speed is how it looks on the trailer:

Is it faster than that?

Anyways, I'll release a new version some weeks from now (after I'm donw with my current game), adding hardware acceleration for smooth scrolling and an "easy mode" where everything is a bit slower and the character jumping is more "floaty" as those have been common complains.

Thanks for the feedback!
Posted by Del Duio 7th April, 2011
Rated :

Okay, okay, this game was bugging me in the sense that I HAD to try and win it and just yesterday I finally was able to.

I realize now that a lot of the parts I couldn't get past were because I didn't have the correct gun before. For example, there is a place that leads up towards the beginning with a bunch of fast-moving monkeys that you can't jump over that used to kill me every time but with the fireball weapon you can take them out from the floor below and advance.

The weird thing is that I won but I know I didn't get every item in the fortress. For example I made the ghost of the butterfly appear but couldn't get the actual butterfly (but I did see it). Also I had a pig shoot at a special brick which lead to an awesome secret room that didn't have anything in it aside from a guy who didn't really tell me anything

So I didn't get the heart power up, which would have made this game a lot easier to get through. As for the bosses, I was finally able to beat them after I learned their patterns. The hyper ghost one took awhile but I figured out that if you stay in the lower left-hand corner and shoot at it with the 2nd gun powerup, on the 3rd and 4th passes (I think) he flies towards you but can't hit you. On these passes you have to jump over his bullets in weird ways but if you can do it you'll beat him. The robot boss was way easier to kill with the fireball weapon so I'm guessing you needed it first which is why I had no chance before.

All in all, it IS a good game and it kept my daughter and I entertained. Oh and yeah it is the same speed as shown in your YouTube videos I just had to get used to it. Good job, Guillermo!
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 15th April, 2011

Hey, that's the spirit! Thanks for your comments.

To be honest you can get past that section and any boss with any weapon, but as you mention, some parts are much easier with the proper weapon.

In the next days I'll release an update adding an easy mode, where everything will be slower and the character is easier to control, for all those who couldn't get used to it.

PS I'm still waiting fo Hasslevania 2, so don't give it up!
Posted by Del Duio 17th April, 2011
Rated :

Cool thanks, I can't wait to see a molasses mode on this game





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