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Author: Lukas Hägg Submitted: 25th November, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 130

This small game was a result of a local GameJam held at our school. This game was concepted and created in the scope of about 48 hours.

Premise: You are the airport luggage checker, who happens to be a cat and have to remove the strange random things from the conveyor belt (due to time constraints this became all items, instead of just the dangerous stuff)
Kicking them off the belt earns you points and each thing you let slip by takes points away.


Left Arrow - Move left
Right Arrow - Move Right
Space - Jump
You kick stuff by just moving into them, Mario Bros-style.

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Posted by UrbanMonk 26th November, 2009

Posted by Rob Westbrook 26th November, 2009
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That was rather awesome Only issue I had was the boxes meant the jumping went a bit buggy so you ended up stuck in them...
Posted by Lukas Hägg 27th November, 2009


Yeah the boxes were kinda funky that way. We actually had programmers building a version from the ground up in C++, but on Sunday morning they weren't anywhere near done so I hopped onto MMF, both to motivate them in a weird competitive sort of way (it actually worked, they got up a pretty good rythm after seeing my progress in MMF), as well as maybe producing a final product myself. So this version was actually coded in less than seven hours, and that's pretty much why the boxes are buggy as they are.

Glad you liked it!
Comment edited by Lukas Hägg on 11/27/2009
Posted by Solgryn 27th November, 2009
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Quite fun =, although the collision with the boxes could be better, you find yourself stuck in them alot of the time. But It's a neat idea and I really love the art style =D. Got 5600 But pretty good considering the 7 hours
Posted by erghhhhx 28th November, 2009
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