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Resident Evil: The Deadbringer
Author: Lukas Hägg Submitted: 19th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 189

This is a game I started with last summer. Yeah I know! It's a fangame

The game is far from finished. Heck(!) I'm not even done with the engine yet. I based the game on Resident Evil Gaiden for Game Boy Color, even though I haven't played it.

In the game you control Jill Valentine as she discovers that Umbrellas experiments are going on in the hospital in which she is being "taken care of".
(I have no clue if the location mentioned in the game (Dakota, South Springs) exists or not. I just thought it sounded cool. XP)

arrow keys - move
shift - open doors

* You have to push a button to get away from the level/frame with the scrolling text.

* To start the game, CLICK on the "New Game" button/text

* In this demo you are not able to run or fire the gun.

* Jill is not animated because I wanted to work with the levels, the engine and the story first.

* There are several bugs in this demo. Please be patient.

* The music in this demo level is of my own making ^^
Of course it sucks, but it is my own ^^

* And yeah I ripped the picture on the titlescreen from Resident Evil 3

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Posted by Muz 19th April, 2004

So... all I could do is just walk around the level very slowly?
Posted by Muz 19th April, 2004

Very nice work on the graphic-cutscenes, though a little too much ripped sound effects in the beginning.
Posted by Jatzek(DreamEvil Corp) 20th April, 2004

Looking good... but I think this would belong to the preview section, because you have got only a PART of the engine... but, looks good, keep it up!
Posted by Smeggy 20th April, 2004

When is this set because it doesn't really make any sense? Before or after the mansion incident? Or is it just a totally made up game altogether with no links to the real story?
Posted by Smeggy 20th April, 2004

[Correction] Sorry I didn't mean before or after the mansion incident but before or after the nemesis incident in racoon city… lol
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 20th April, 2004

needs a walking animation.
Posted by Jetstar 20th April, 2004

needs work.
Posted by Lukas Hägg 21st April, 2004

It's after the nemesis incident. It says so in the prologue text. The game is totally made up but have links to the story. There's no actual date when this is gonna be finished. It's just somethíng I sit down and work with when I'm not working on my RPG. But if I have to guess I'd say this game would be finished in a year or so. The cutscenes in the beginning are awful ^^ Sorry about the fact that you can do practically nothing in the game right now. Oh and yeah, there'll be zombies allright! :)
Posted by Airflow 21st April, 2004

I think your a bit to early for releasing a demo. Play a game of mario where you can't jump. WOAA!
Posted by Joshtek 21st April, 2004

I remember a Resident Evil style click game (I think it was a demo) from, hmm, three years ago... it was good... but I don't have it any more :(
Posted by taco ( Crobasoft ) 21st April, 2004

Why can't you come up with your own idea? I say : "don't make a fan game, unless you can make it better than the original." but then again, that's just me.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 24th April, 2004

Joshtek, House of Horror?
Posted by BlackZombie 7th May, 2004

The best guess is HoH which was a great game but I think it could also be the game FAInd released a demo of a while ago (Carrion 2?) or Macabre.





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