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No One In Your Dream Can Hear You Scream - Demo
Author: Frank M. Submitted: 23rd October, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 70

Edited By Frank M. on 10/24/2009

Edited By Frank M. on 10/23/2009

Edited By Frank M. on 10/23/2009

No One In Your Dream Can Hear You Scream




This is small yet short demonstration of an adventure-horror game I'm writing.
I thought I would release it just in time for Halloween.

You play the role as the protagonist who constantly appears to have nightmares that he cannot escape from, instead play them out to see what will happen next. Each night a slightly different piece of the nightmare gets added to the current one. In nightmare mode, which you start out in, you control the protagonist through a first person view of the nightmare. In the real world, which isn't currently shown in this demo, shows a third person perspective of the player in a point-and click adventure game.

This demo shows part of one of the nightmares, where you are in a closed cube shaped room, and have to figure out how to get out... or if you can get out?

How to play

You control with the mouse.

Using the right click button can change between the cursors.

Crosshair - Can allow you to move around if available, it is the default cursor.
Eye - You can look at things, such as what is inside of the room.
Hand - You can touch, move , push, pick up, or squash things.

Have fun!

Happy Halloween!

- Frank

New demo updated without the bug and timing issues.:


This game needs to be run in 640x480 full screen resolution.. If it doesn't run in full screen, quit by using ALT+F4 and run it again with the Windows XP/Vista comparability setting "Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution" checked.

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Posted by Aden 23rd October, 2009
Rated :

hmm was a bit weird, i had to look at the text on the wall about 4 times to know what it said because it only gives you about 2 seconds to read it. the ends was a bit dodgy wasnt very scary but nice try =P
Posted by 0ko 23rd October, 2009
Rated :

Yet another lame attempt to be scary by flickering images in my face and playing loud, annoying noises.

I squashed the bug on the wall fourty-eight times, you might want to fix that.
Posted by Frank M. 24th October, 2009

Ah true, thanks for telling me, new version just updated with fixed issues.





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