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Codename X Official Demo
Author: Frank M. Submitted: 19th August, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 107

Edited By Frank M. Minichini on 8/20/2008

Edited By Frank M. Minichini on 8/20/2008

2 Years Ago after thwarting the evil plans of Shadow Death, him and his gang of terrorists arrive at Picosearch research center and invade the 20 story building and kidnap the president of the company, and holds everyone in the building hostage. After hacking into the security system they make the guard robots and gun turrets attack any intruders who try to enter the building from the ground and through the roof. A helicopter gets shot down and it's distress signal gets sent to special Agent Sam IX who will invade the building and rescue all the hostages and defeat Shadow Death and the terrorists for the last time.

Will he be successful?

The game plays just like any espionage game, such as Splinter Cell or Metal Gear. You use the mouse and keyboard to move the character using the W key on the keyboard, and move the mouse to control the player's directional movement. Along the way you can tackle your enemies by sneaking up to them and clobbering them, or pick up weapons such as the ordinary pistol, land mines, rocket launcher, grenades, and sniper rifle.Starting from the very bottom of the building ,you work your way up to the top and collect keycards that allow you to access different rooms on each floor. If you get caught however, every enemy gets called in to chase after you, and shoot you to a bloody pulp.

Since this only a demo version.. right after you beat the first boss you are able to roam around a bit..

Last minute information and known bugs in this release:
- Enemy sight isn't too good, it will be fixed in a future release.
- Leaving rooms warp you to other places on the map.. will be fixed soon.
- Some menu items are not functional, the only 3 that work are New Game, Credits, and Quit game.
- Intro can be skipped by pressing enter when you see the text 'Turtle Island - 2 year ago'

Keyboard + Mouse controls

W key - move foward
T key - changes inventory items

Left Click -Fires/Attacks
Right Click - Cycles weapons

Use the mouse to move the crosshair on the screen. The position of the crosshair will be the direction that you will be able to move Agent Sam IX.

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  (70mb )

Posted by Muz 22nd August, 2008

Ouch, 70 MB? I think you'd better make lower resolution graphics.. those don't really merge well with the background and take up a lot of space!
Posted by Frank M. 22nd August, 2008

The actual game's executable is 26 MB which seems pretty adequate for an MMF game, it's the music that takes up most of the space mainly. This is a demo btw, as the music is subject to change soon probably to mod music.. i'm still trying to get a musician to work with me on this project.
Posted by Foo Fighter 22nd August, 2008

yo Muz is right...
Posted by Frank M. 22nd August, 2008

which graphics don't merge well? I don't seem to understand your comment, do you mean those closeups like in that 2nd screenshot above? thanks for your feedback!
Posted by Foo Fighter 22nd August, 2008

in the 3rd screen, the scale of the truck is huge. I mean, lol! in the truck could enter 5 people.
Posted by Frank M. 22nd August, 2008

I had to make the trucks big because you are supposed to enter the back of the trucks to get items like ammo.. like in Metal Gear.
Comment edited by Frank M. Minichini on 8/22/2008
Posted by Muz 23rd August, 2008

Well, I mean the graphics tend to either merge with things or feel out of shape.. the lighting and blurriness and stuff are different for everything. Which looks really bad.

Also, it's crazy to put in more than even 5 MB of music for a downloaded game. Try to keep games below 20 MB, otherwise most people won't even download them.
Posted by Frank M. 23rd August, 2008

alright man, thanks for the pointers, I'll try to fix all this stuff for the next release (hopefully the full version).
Well did you at least enjoy the game though?
Posted by traugott.simon 23rd August, 2008

the fight system needs improvement. The player does not have any control over the battle. You cant move backwards while shooting and the bullets dont come out of your gun when you want it. At this point, the game wasnt any fun, sorry.





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