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Legie - demo
Author: Helena Submitted: 7th October, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 121

Legie is the unique combination of a 3D adventure and "classic" dungeon crawler. It features a dark story about an innkeeper, beer, and the devil that takes place in the medieval Czech town of Jilemnice.

* Poetic dialogues, wise words, bargaining, furious fights...
* RPG without magic, elves and hobbits.
* No saving the world, no heroics.
* Low hardware requirements.

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Posted by erghhhhx 9th October, 2009

"RPG without magic, elves and hobbits"
Instant win!
I'll dl later today.


Wow... I gotta say this is far more interesting than I expected. Nice models and great characters.

Keep up the good work!
Comment edited by Glasskatten on 10/9/2009
Posted by Marko 9th October, 2009

I bloody love the atmosphere this game brings... i'll rate after playing a bit longer, but i must say very very good effort!
Posted by Rhys D 10th October, 2009

great job! very nice atmosphere

what was this made in?! surely not MMF (perhaps with openGL?)

the movement made me feel a bit ill the way it jerked forward after I clicked on a square, is there no way you can have free-form movement, say like in an FPS engine?
Posted by BattleCat 11th October, 2009

Very nicely done But I'm also curious to know what this was made in.
Posted by Disthron 11th October, 2009
Rated :

It looks pretty nice. Good interaction with the environment too. I'm also wondering if you did this in MMF2. If so, how?





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