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Good Times Gone 2
Author: Jomie Submitted: 6th April, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 82

Edited By Jomie on 4/7/2009

A sequel to Good times Gone 1(see my downloads).
A War against terrorism is endless, have you enough skills to end it.

You are the ex-leader (Rade Statham) of famous NOFOD commando team. World is in danger once again, this time it's getting harder than ever and the balance is needed to stabilize.

Game features:
In game you have an ability to slow time (matrix style) and with you there is different kind of weapons (double uzi,ak47, deser eagle, grenades and ect.)
In some missions you can fight with NOFOD team.
You can example grab a wheelbarrow to cover you, get closecombat fights with enemies. But be aware of commandos. They are highly trained and they use different kind of tactics to eliminate you (they can throwh flashbang or grenade, they can ask from an another commando to cover them when they are in a bad situation, ask for covering fire while they are moving behind an object, ask for fallback or example ask for attack, and many more)

(PLEASE READ readme.doc so you know all controls!)

There is one problem with the graphics. When I saved the game to STAND ALONE format, graphics changed somehow to "crispy and the colormode where also changed"
If somebody could tell why's that, I would be grateful.

Addons (were not seen in gtg1)

-Possibility to change between two weapons in level, like pistol - Ak47
-Possibility to change difficult level
(normal: normal energy, normal amount of weapon clips)
(high: low energy, low amount of weapon clips)
-Limited ammo for "second gun", so pistol has unlimited ammo and example Ak47 has limit ammo like 3 clips.
-New shooting for pistol. Now bullets will only go forward.
-Commandos take more hits, but if you shoot them in the head they will die immediately.
-More [GRAB] objectives on the field.
-Commandos AI improved (ex. if you throw grenade they will runaway..ect)
-You can hide in the shadows

-Fixed some bugs
-Changed the game run on small screen, not fullscreen mode.
-The gamesize is now little smaller.

Review This Download (85 mkb )

Posted by W3R3W00F 7th April, 2009

85 mb?! o_O

I hate to say it but most people won't download something that large. Before releasing... ANY game, remember to compress it.

Aside that from what the picture shows the art is pretty nice.
Posted by Cecilectomy 7th April, 2009
Rated :

its in a rar. how much more do you want him to compress it?

downloading now.
Posted by Cecilectomy 7th April, 2009
Rated :

who accepted this with only 2 lines of description?

i have to say. that picture looks a lot better than the game actually looks. the game runs fairly slow even on my decent desktop. the graphics while animated fairly well look horrid in motion. this is one of those games where the screenshots make it look better than it is.

the game mechanics didnt seem to work properly. i couldnt shoot sometimes even when an enemy was right in front of me. there was no instruction as to what keys did what. until the second half of what i think is the first mission. [p] to take picture [e] (for something else. cant be bothered to go look)

sound effects ripped? sounded like ghost recon sound effects.

if it ran at a decent framerate and was more stable it may have been enjoyable. definitely not worth the 85mb download if you have a slower connection.

no rating since it was pretty unplayable.
Posted by Solgryn 7th April, 2009

Well, for me it doesnt take forever, Im going with 800 kb/sec.

don't understand why people won't download somehting thats over 20-30 mb, you can just set it to download and then go do other stuff.
Posted by Jomie 7th April, 2009

When I transformed the game to STANDALONE version the graphics went awful (color mode changed and it also got somehow crispy) Does anybody know why it changes? When you play game in mmf, the graphics looks normal (soft like in picture, color mode 16 million and ect..)

And nowadays 100mb is nothing with these broadband connections.

Sorry for lack of info about the game, more description is coming.

CECIL: If you bother to read README file, you can find those keys.
Posted by Toadsanime 7th April, 2009

A decent description may warrant a download from me. Otherwise, I won't download it yet.
Posted by Mr G 7th April, 2009

You can use 7zip for ultra compression:

But the main problem is the game size is huge and I have 1024 adsl that downloads 50/kbs and it would take a few hours for me to download it

I'll try it out when it's smaller in size.
Posted by maVado 8th April, 2009

Looks decent but has beginner flaws.

1. a READ.ME File is for reference only, and has been since 1989. Include some Tutorial Mission or at least a on screen message what keys to press ingame. This is important and any gamemaker should consider this a vital must have!

2. on the intro it scrolls through all the names and then make the corrent one sliding in. fix this by moving the text out of sight, very irritating.

3. on the options make it more visual and distinguish what you can klick and what not. outlines help, mouse over animations help alot too.

There is nothing wrong with ripped sounds, it's not like everyone got an AK in the basement to make some sound samples

Not rating till some of the stuff gets fixed. atm 2/5
Posted by Cecilectomy 8th April, 2009
Rated :

i dont generally read a readme. for resons stated above.

and youre right. 100mb isnt very much when games on steam are upwards of 2gb+. but not everyone is blessed with broadband like you and me.

also another suggestion. i see this is a sequel to a game that no longer links from tdc. please reupload? id love to play it if that one didnt suffer from the things this one did because you had to convert stuff to mmf.

@ maVado - not to say ripping the sounds are bad. i just noticed that almost all the sounds sounded ripped from the old ghost recon. im not used to hearing almost all sound effects ripped from one game to another.
Comment edited by Cecil on 4/8/2009
Posted by maVado 8th April, 2009

yeah at least you should give credit to the original game when ripping sounds or stuff
Posted by Solgryn 8th April, 2009

gtg can also mean got to go that's what I think of when I see the name
Posted by Cecilectomy 13th April, 2009
Rated :

oh my god. i just played the first one

the story is fantastic! lol its hilariously written. as in you have no grasp on the english language. which made it GREAT! Image

however it suffered from the same bugs as this one. sound glitches, graphical glitches, shooting doesnt always work, etc.

the engine definitely needs to be ultra fine tuned. but its great work.

edit: gtg2 seems to be broken on level 3 or 4. the nightvision level. i cannot walk shoot or do anything and it doesnt proceed. all i can do is press space and it makes a loud gunshot noise.
Comment edited by Imakuni? on 4/13/2009
Posted by Jomie 13th April, 2009

Thanks imakuni. In the nightvision level you are using sniper rifle, you aim with the mouse and shoot with space. When you have neutralized all the enemies the nofod team can proceed forward.
Posted by Cecilectomy 13th April, 2009
Rated :

is there a crosshair? i didnt know what was even happening. nothing on screen was moving. ill try it again.

edit: yeah the sniper scope didnt show up the first time. it was just a green night vision scene.
Comment edited by Imakuni? on 4/14/2009





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