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Now I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds
Author: Wyrmling Submitted: 26th February, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 141

Edited By Wyrmling on 2/26/2009

Edited By Wyrmling on 2/26/2009

Edited By Wyrmling on 2/26/2009

This is a tech demo, so it will be buggy. I just want to see how people like the concept.

Now I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds is puzzle game that explores what it would be like if you could make anything you wanted disappear. At the moment, I'm considering making this a larger project, with more story and gameplay elements and better level design.

It's a little buggy, but I'm releasing it anyway because of my weekly gameplay project I've got going on (Making a game a week, this is my second). I made the game in 5 days, so I'm sure that explains a lot.

-A little guy that goes around and disintegrates things he points at
-Over 10 puzzling levels
-A online highscore table for those who finish the fastest
-An enveloping atmosphere
-A subtle tutorial system (All the cool kids are doing it)

I realize some of the levels are tough. You can use my hints file included in the download or ask me directly if you really can't figure it out, because I'd like everybody to be able to get to the end.

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Posted by Mr_Tom 26th February, 2009
Rated :

don't be put off by the screenshot, this game is better than it looks

..come on people, this is a million times more interesting than 'Earthquake madness'
Comment edited by Mr_Tom on 2/27/2009
Posted by Wyrmling 27th February, 2009


and nice job on the highscore.

I personally can get 1083, but I'm not going to post a highscore just yet
Posted by Mr G 28th February, 2009

The file size seems pretty big for a mostly black and white game. You should compress your music files and the file size will drop by 80%
Posted by Codemonkey 28th February, 2009

What does the graphics being black and white have to do with the file size?
Posted by 3kliksphilip 1st March, 2009
Rated :

13 mb! I'm not downloading something this big in this day and age. Black and white graphics is soo 1960's. It's probably rubbish because there aren't any guns in it. Make a sequel in colour and with guns and a smaller file size and no original features and I might try it.
Posted by Skelux 1st March, 2009
Rated :

Awesome game! Im the record holder at the moment Image.
Comment edited by Skelux on 3/1/2009
Posted by Mr_Tom 1st March, 2009
Rated :

or ARE you
Posted by Wyrmling 1st March, 2009

Wow, I think the best score possible is 1084. I managed to tie you Tom, but you're still first
Posted by Mr_Tom 1st March, 2009
Rated :

why not just have the highscore table the actual time it took, like for 1084 i thnk the time is 120 something seconds. means people can see what they've got to beat easier.
Posted by Wyrmling 1st March, 2009

Yeah, I would have, but I didn't know how to get the highscore table to go from lowest to highest.

Edit: 1084 is 116 seconds.
Comment edited by Wyrmling on 3/1/2009
Posted by Skelux 2nd March, 2009
Rated :

Damnit, ill have to beat you now...
Posted by 3kliksphilip 4th March, 2009
Rated :

Welcome to the Daily Click, Wyrmling. Re-release this when you're well known and you'll get GOTW. Until then, post on the forums, my friend!
Posted by Wyrmling 4th March, 2009


I'm currently working on some concept art and graphics for a larger version of this concept.

It'll have a fairly unique art style, custom platform engine and physics engine and I'll add more depth to the already deep gameplay (I never realized all the possibilities of being able to make anything you wanted vanish until I started the level design).

Hopefully when I release it, I'll get some attention, and not only on this website. I really want my games to do my talking for me, but you guys all seem cool (I lurk) so I'll probably start joining in the discussions.





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