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Make Your Own Bat and Ball Game 1.1.2
Author: falkon Submitted: 10th June, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By falkon on 6/11/2008

Here is my resubmit of an application I made. Since the last release I,

Redid most of the graphics,
Fixed errors
Ironed out some bugs


Note this only seems to happen with external files.
When you load a folder of a game, when you try to load a different picture for a brick the app freezes.
Still ironing this out.


First start up the BatandBallMaker

after the splash screens have loaded a screen will come up with two buttons

Press Start creating to create a new game.

press load to continue with a previous game.

After pressing start type a name for you application, the folder will be saved to the place where you extracted the files.

in the sidebar there will be numerous options.

Press Bricks to place bricks.

Press Ball to edit the Ball picture.

Press bat to edit the Bats picture and speed.

press time to set a time limit.

press save to save the game.

Press on a picture of a brick to place it in the frame, if you select a brick but decided that you want a diferent brick right click to de-select that brick.

When a brick is selected left click in the frame to place it.

press the "..." button next to a brick to browse for a picture to use as a brick.

once a brick is placed and you want to destroy it press the Bomb symbol in the bottom right corner, then click on a brick that is placed. When you are done destroying, right click to deselect the bomb.

Press the "..." button/binocular button, to browse for a new picture for the ball.

Press the "..." / binocular button to browse for a new picture, Insert a speed into the speed box to set the bat speed. **NOTE** using the arrow keys you can move the bat at all times.

check the Time box to activate a time limit
then type a time limit in the box.

pretty self explanatory, (there is no message to tell you when it is done saving)

Load up the player and press OK on the message box.

Then press the file button than Load

than load a folder of a game that you made.

Then play, self explanatory.

******NOTE******* to load a new game you need to reboot the player.

Please be constructive with your criticism

Also please post any bugs you find.

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Posted by falkon 12th June, 2008

I know its not the greatest thing, but I still want to know what you think.
Posted by Silveraura 13th June, 2008

Assuming what it is, I think this is basically a good way to test out making your own level editor, however you need to work in Saving and Loading. Then after that, put it into an actual game, and not a break out game.
Posted by Sweetjuice 18th June, 2008

How to start playing your level?
Posted by Sweetjuice 18th June, 2008

How to start playing your level?





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