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The Diary of Anne Frank Shareware
Author: Drule Submitted: 23rd September, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 1506

Edited By Drule on 9/23/2007

Tales of Game's Studios has been hard at work bringing you this software application. Being the newest in a long line of popular edutainment titles, The Diary of Anne Frank truly takes the genre to new heights by employing aspects that have never been seen before. Developed by actual scientists in a lab, this highly sophisticated application does not only convey the diary of Anne Frank through digital technology, but also lets the users for the first time experience the book in its truest, 100% most canonical form. This has never been done before.

Explore, feel and discover the world as it is presented to you in the ultra-modern form of Virtual Computer Technology. Experience the crisp reality of the authentic pseudo-3D employed as you flip through the pages of her diary. Wander the world of a since long forgotten era. Learn a fact and apply it IRL (In Real Life). All is possible in Tales of Game's new edutainment software title;

The Diary of Anne Frank.

Much enjoyment and best regards,
- Tales of Game's Studios

Tales of Game's Studios is legally obligated to inform you that E - the running key - and W - the jumping key - in addition to the arrow keys on your keyboard are used to navigate this edutainment software title.

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Posted by Tim 23rd September, 2007

After being 'edutained' by that delightfully professional blurb, I will thusly, admittedly hesitously, acquire this ever-so-slightly oblique and oddly concepted software title.

kthnx! ... Looks sorta minimalistic too..
Posted by contra 23rd September, 2007

anne frank + platformer ?!
Posted by waffleton 23rd September, 2007

You, sir, win the internets!

Both of them!
Posted by bhlaab 23rd September, 2007

ow this is so edgy i cut myself on it
Posted by Phredreeke 24th September, 2007

this got submitted and accepted again?
Posted by Hempuli 24th September, 2007

I have no idea how to complete even the first level, there's a place where's so much spikes that it's impossible to get further.
Posted by Kazuma 24th September, 2007

Too many god damn logos and title screens and shit like that. I never even played the game. I shut it down after about the fifteenth logo.

Thumbs down.
Posted by Drule 24th September, 2007

There's a key in the top left corner of your keyboard for those kind of situations.
Posted by DaVince 24th September, 2007

Kazuma, this is most likely a parody game. Go over all those intro screens and you might find some deliberately nooby crap.
Posted by DaVince 24th September, 2007

Actually, this is not bad! Aside from the fact that it's impossible to jump over the first gap.
Posted by Hayo 24th September, 2007

Posted by DaVince 25th September, 2007

I know not!
Posted by DaVince 25th September, 2007

This is a fun game. Stop voting thumbs down.
Posted by Hill Gigas 25th September, 2007

Dude. No. Anne Frank is rolling over in her grave right now and babies are crying.
Posted by bhlaab 25th September, 2007

I really was thinking what we need more of is crap parody games
Posted by Peblo 25th September, 2007

!! This game is back! I'll download this when I have a computer! Please don't delete it again before I get it.
Posted by Pixelthief 25th September, 2007

From the standpoint of it being a game; you're platform movement needs a bit of work, the levels are much much too difficult, something that is easily solved by not using the old "1 hit kills you" method.

Those 2 alone kept me from getting past the 1st half of level 2, which meant that I can't possibly play the rest of it. And even when I decided to quit, it wouldn't respond to ALT-F4 or CTRL-ALT-DELETE

Posted by Drule 26th September, 2007

Well maybe some of you do not wish to become enlightened, but that's okay.
Posted by Del Duio 26th September, 2007

"Hi, I'm Anne Frank! You may have heard of me and my diary before"

Oh my God, this guy's gotta' win points or something to even put this up here. This might be on par with that Jesus vs. KKK action game from last year.
Posted by Hayo 26th September, 2007

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 26th September, 2007

Wow, this gets a thumbs-up just cause' it's hilarious.
Posted by ben mercer 26th September, 2007

The game itself was pretty boring IMO (collect the donuts. yay.) I got tired of the dull gameplay and switched the game off after not very long.

As for the parody, it wasn't funny and seems just a tad distasteful to try and extract humour from the context of Anne Frank's diary. If it was just a story then that would be fine, but in actual fact the jews were tortured and then murdered in their millions, and I don't think genocide is a very good basis for humour.

Thumbs down.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 26th September, 2007

It is a joke, right? I mean, it's totally ridicules.

As for the game, I got pissed off in the first quarter of Level One because it was awful. I couldn't jump high enough to get to the other side of that fucking tree. You need hitpoints. And what the hell is with the bears?
Posted by KevinHaag 27th September, 2007

holy steaming pile of dog crap, batman!
Posted by Pixelthief 30th September, 2007

Frankly, the parody would be more tolerable if the gameplay was.
Posted by Silveraura 30th September, 2007

The game isn't good, yes... but READ for God sakes. There is a RUN BUTTON. How many times does it need to be said. Phizzy already posted it 2 times.
Posted by DaVince 4th October, 2007

Jews, genocide etcetera isn't even discussed in this game. He just took a random event from history, made a nonsense game about it and suddenly that's a reason to vote thumbs down.
Posted by MBK 16th February, 2008
Rated :

Steaming pile of crap indeed KevinHaag.

I first played this game after being at my computer for a while downloading junk. And it royally pissed me off at how difficult it seemed to me.

But, just today i decided to give it another go.
So I sat down, garnered up some patience, and played it with the attitude that It would be fun.

And it was fun too, until I got to the first boss that is. YOU CAN'T EVEN PLAY AGAINST ONE BOSS !!!

It puts up a message wanting you to buy the full version of the game ... for what ? .. something that I could make in a day ? You get 3 more levels or so of the same irritatively designed, not a thing special about it gameplay, and maybe get to fight some bosses.

I don't even know if this Drule fellow even knows how to make a good boss, cause it wouldn't let me fight the first one !!!

You used an advertising trick that would only work on morons. BOO !! Drule .. BOO !! .. Hiss Bam BOO !!

That kind of falsification makes me not only not buy that game, but also not want to buy any other item of any sort whatsoever from you.

It would be wiser to provide the consumer with a free game, showing off your abilities, and make a bigger, more awesome game in the same style.

Then you could advertise the Huge ultimate game in the small free game. And remember to mention it is in the same style. Then if consumers like the free game, they will purchase the Pay game.

This game wasn't bad at all after I regained some of my old school platformer skills. But, noone is gonna buy your game when you lose their respect with a foul promotion like this.

Some Helpful Advice: gamers nowadays expect things easier, even the old school players aren't as good as they used to be. One death hits will kill a game quite often ... in one hit Think of a more innovative method please.
Posted by Drule 21st February, 2008

I agree with MBK.





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