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Antikrops DX
Author: waffleton Submitted: 15th June, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 159

Edited By Waffleton on 6/21/2007

Due to popular demand, I am resubmitting an instant classic I released about a year ago.

Alright, who am I kidding? Barely 10 people downloaded it when it was originally submitted, and even less actually played it. Those lazy foo's.

I'm putting it up again due to working on a sequal, and thought it would be nice to have the whole series on TDC.
So here it is, again. ( being already submitted once, this shouldnt be in the GoTW, note to admins with bad memories ;D )

It's a short sweet platformer where you control Samuel L Jackson who has to stop the terrorists before they bomb the pope... or something, haha can't quite recall actually, but it's something along those lines. Oh what a marvellous story.
The controls are the standard "ctrl for shooting and shift for jumping", and I guess I should be a nice guy and warn you that it uses the default platform movement and is made in TGF. OMG OMG!!1 Yeah, major crap-warning there.
And apparently I made this during that time when SoaP were just about to be released and Sam L Jackson was oh-sooo cool. 8'D

It was originally made for the 24h compo held almost exactly a year ago, which was never completed, due to there being only THREE entrants x'D so I have no idea how this would have stood up against the other entries, and will probably never know either. So let's just forget that competition ever existed.
( Shab, or any other admin, please hold another 24h-compo soon, i would love you forever. ;D i mean, it was a year since the last one, so it would be really nice )

Oh well, enough babbling; download, play, be amazed, cry, enjoy.

Arrow Keys - move that cool fella
Shift - jump
Ctrl - fire mah lazor

And to skip the tedious pong-parts, just press "numpad 1".
You'll thank me later.

EDIT; third screenshot is a WIP of a remake

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Posted by waffleton 15th June, 2007

copy/paste link (freewebs)
Posted by 15th June, 2007

Heh, I remember this, awesome.
Posted by waffleton 15th June, 2007

And i remember midget got shrink'd
What happened to that masterpiece?
Posted by Ski 15th June, 2007

Skydragon changed his name again
Posted by waffleton 15th June, 2007

Ohyes, one of my 20-or-so nicknames i have on the internets. Find them all and win cookies and free hugs.
(warning, hugs may cause cancer)
Posted by Tim 16th June, 2007

I haven't had a hug since that guy called airdrake came up to me an-

Posted by Ski 16th June, 2007

"(warning, hugs may cause cancer)"

That's not funny

Posted by Neuro 16th June, 2007

I liked the menu music and the intro
Posted by DaVince 20th June, 2007

Again? I already finished this game like 5 times
Posted by waffleton 20th June, 2007

Haha really?

Well, the sequal should be up next week ^^ custom engine this time ;P
Posted by DaVince 20th June, 2007

YA RLY. OMG a star falling from the sky!!

Oh, next week? I hope I can make a song for the game before you release it, then.
Posted by waffleton 20th June, 2007

Yarr, just finishing the last couple of levels right now.
It'll be short and sweet like the first one, but a bit more... err... better, haha x)

And its cool; i can always steal some music from modarchive ;P
Posted by Zezard 20th June, 2007

lol... what a twist... a tractor...
I liked the "random" stuff, and the terrorist leader's melee attack
Posted by waffleton 20th June, 2007

Haha always good to hear ^^ notice its a very old game so its pretty bad quality

The sequal will be muchmuch spiffier, thats fo shur
Posted by Ski 26th June, 2007

Posted by waffleton 27th June, 2007

Yes, a sequel. If you hate my games so damn much then just stay away from them. Please.
Posted by waffleton 27th June, 2007

Posted by waffleton 2nd July, 2007

Okay, so obviously; the sequel got abandoned. Blah blah etc.
Posted by Ski 3rd July, 2007

Posted by waffleton 3rd July, 2007

Posted by DaVince 4th July, 2007


By the way, I haven't seen you on MSN at all since I added you to discuss music.
Posted by waffleton 5th July, 2007

Yeah I know, sorry; something happened, bleh.
It's abandoned anyway, but thanks for showing interest in it x)
Posted by waffleton 5th July, 2007

Haha, how sad isn't it that I have made more comments on this game than people have downloaded it? x)
Posted by DaVince 9th July, 2007

FANTASTIC! Or something.
Posted by DaVince 7th October, 2007

/r/ing MOAR





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