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Author: alex goss Submitted: 12th June, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 40

This original piece of pirate material is bad! If you've got another friend sitting at your computer with you this will be good banter for the two of you as its a good laugh, fun, interesting and challenging. I strongly suggest getting involved. If it's just you at your computer thats pretty lonely so invite your mate over and have some fun. Thanks =

Lol @ our 2 adventurers as they hunt down and murder the loss-bag that duplicate hacked them for Full Sigons. Naughty!

Please bare in mind this is just the demo. Total run time is about 5-7 minutes.

Please give constructive comments, I'm not interested in anyone slagging off the graphics or anything like that, I put a lot of work into this. Thankyou.

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Posted by ben mercer 14th June, 2007

If this is your first attempt at experimenting with TGF or MMF or whatever, you'd be better off waiting until you are capable of creating a good game before posting your creations on the internet.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not having a go at you or anything, but games like this are maybe fun for the creator but very few others will have any interest in playing it.

There are numerous articles about gamemaking on the site, so when you've practiced some more with MMF2/TGF2 or whatever you are using, and maybe read a few of these articles, go make a great game and upload it.
Posted by Hempuli 15th June, 2007

I agree.
Posted by BROO 15th June, 2007

Ben Mercer, isn't that true you are learning to make better games mostly by comments you get?
Posted by waffleton 15th June, 2007

Posted by ben mercer 15th June, 2007

@BROO No. I mainly use the comments of other people for guidance when trying to balance difficulty in certain areas of my game. I didn't learn how to make games just by looking at peoples comments on TDC.

Besides, whats your point? I gave as constructive a comment as you or I or anyone could have given; learn how to use MMF2 better, heres how.
Posted by Zezard 20th June, 2007

Well, persons who are not very good at making games should also be allowed to post their creations and get some comments.
It's not like we are competing over some precious server space you know...
Posted by Zezard 20th June, 2007

Haha, I think it is a great demo.
A bit controversial though, with the shooting field and all.
Not very challengning neither, you can play it on your own without problem...
I'd like to see the finished product, might really be something!
Posted by axel 21st June, 2007

Of course unexperienced users are allowed to post their first creations as well. What Ben was saying was that it's kind of useless, because people won't want to play them anyway. Your first few games will inevitably suck, it's an inescapable fact. My first games sucked too.
Posted by Zethell 22nd June, 2007

My first game was a remake of PONG, with only 3 colours!

It totaly sucked
Posted by alex goss 23rd June, 2007

thankyou so far for you comments everyone.
@Ben: This isn't my first game please give a constructive comment not an opinion on the game as a whole, I don't want to hear that you think it is entirely bad.
@Waffleton: Thankyou I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.
@Zezard: Yes it is controversial, I'm trying to make it fun like games should be, no one is bothered about graphics if you have a good game, I did try to make it humourous. GTA was controversial, people bought it =
@Axel: This is not my first game I'm slightly offended you feel so.

When I get round to it I'll upload more interesting games I made to prove that I am serious about making games with good graphics when i want.

Posted by ben mercer 3rd July, 2007

Sorry if your offended, but my honest opinion is that the best way for you to become better at making games is to read a few articles about the basics and get some more practice.

Currently, you can't really expect constructive crit to be a great deal of help on your quest to becoming a better klicker. Why? Look at the top of this page; only 5 people have bothered to download your game. Learn some new tricks, come back with a new and better game THEN people will be able to give you useful comments.

Unless of course, you are actually Phizzy on a different account, and this whole thing is a joke.




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