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Easy Timer
Author: Greg Eckermann Submitted: 29th March, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 40

Edited By Greg Eckermann on 3/31/2007

Edited By Greg Eckermann on 3/31/2007

Edited By Greg Eckermann on 3/29/2007

This is not a game, This however is a application showing how MMF can be used to create diffrent kinds of software, this one is both a stopwatch and a timer. You can either count the time in stopwatch mode, or count down to a certian amount of time to check how much time is left cooking or when a ebay item is almost done.

Custom Skins.
Custom Sounds.
Now counts Milliseconds.

Fixed the final second delay glitch.

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Posted by Tim 30th March, 2007

This'll come in handy....

Though, I'm not sure quite what for
Posted by Greg Eckermann 31st March, 2007

Well I did this app because I needed a timer for my pizza baking I like to do when I'm hungry, Though I seem to have forgot that there is the date/time extension. Though I did it without the need of one.
Posted by alibaba 31st March, 2007

Is this the easiest program ever made? i remeber doing a similar download timer in teh days before broadband
Posted by Greg Eckermann 31st March, 2007

It was pretty easy, the only diffcult task was getting the miliseconds to work properly. I did'nt realize there was a clock object that would have made my work alot easier but I decided to NOT use it as that would be cheating.
Posted by Billybobjoe198 31st March, 2007

Yeah, I've made this before, but the milliseconds would screw up every once and again, and back then I didn't know how to use extentions
Posted by Greg Eckermann 31st March, 2007

You don't have to use extensions or anything. just place the subtract or add 1 millisecond twice and it will do it accurately.
Posted by DaVince 4th April, 2007

That's stupid, you could do an "add 1 every 2 milliseconds" event instead, since 50 frames per second = 1 frame per 0.02 seconds.




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