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Cust. Platf. Movement Albert v1.3
Author: BROO Submitted: 28th March, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 216

This is one of my Custom Platform Movement engines. GAM file is unlocked. In the ScrShot2 you can see its abilities.

It is quite hard to configure this CPM although is has simple-to-modify parameters. Main problem is setting detector bars correctly. If you want to use another size of character, you must notice, how are they positioned.

If you want to use this engine in your game, write me in credits.

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Posted by Fanotherpg 28th March, 2007

The best part in code is Winda I thought Bru that it should be Elevator not Winda..
Posted by BROO 28th March, 2007

It is only on screen (too lazy to correct). It is 'lift' inside.
Posted by DaVince 29th March, 2007

It's pretty stable. Only annpyance I found that if you jump you can't move while jumping, and this gave me an "eternal faller" effect near the right end of the level.

Thumby uppy.
Posted by BROO 29th March, 2007

'I found that if you jump you can't move while jumping'
Does everyone hate it? :---(. I've specially made it. Eternal faller - usually you'd handle falling off the screen event in other way.
Posted by Plooscva 29th March, 2007

New version?
Posted by DaVince 29th March, 2007

Oh, but the customizability is GREAT. I made a moonwalker.
Posted by BROO 29th March, 2007

Plooscva: no, it is still the same that have been published some time ago.

Gravity can have also negative values ;---). Check out 'Shift' when next to a wall :---).
Posted by DaVince 29th March, 2007

I did that.
Posted by Bricnic 30th March, 2007

Gravity seems to implemented wrong. Increasing gravity lets you jump higher, whereas lowering it makes you jump less high. Also, just because you've lowered gravity, doesn't mean you would jump slower, as it is now low gravity is more like slow motion with super weak jump.
Posted by BROO 31st March, 2007

Well, that's right :---(. I've made this engine in extraordinary way. Anyway, 'Gravity' seemed more tendentious than 'Sharpness of jump' or stuff. :---)
Posted by Dave S. 31st March, 2007

I think this is really cool. You have included springs and moving platforms. I atually like the fact that you can't move while jumping... good work!
Posted by zetcom 31st March, 2007

Albert v 1.3 gives incredible possibilities as a movement engine! Good work!
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 1st April, 2007

It gets a bit glitzy when you screw around with it but overall pretty good.





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