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Box Images v1.0
Author: BROO Submitted: 25th January, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 73

Edited By BROO[P7] on 1/29/2007

Program does transform tileset BMP file into BMP file, which we can take every single image from by using TGF's "Box Images" retrieval method.

Look at the second screenshot which show result.bmp file (this program's output file).

It's first version and surely contains some bugs and unhandled exceptions. Also, I don't recommend transformating too big files (TGF "box images" seems to have problem with handling very big images).

Update: new feature to scramble tileset into many BMP files containing every single frame of the tileset.

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Posted by Fanotherpg 26th January, 2007

Great App Broo.
Posted by DaVince 28th January, 2007

What about adding a feature to save them all as seperate images?

Btw, it's "proceed".
Posted by Plooscva 28th January, 2007

Uff interesting, nice app
Posted by BROO 28th January, 2007

All as seperate? Well, can be (MMF users doesn't have Box Images, right?).
Posted by Paper-Link 31st January, 2007

Is this only compatible for TGF?
Posted by BROO 31st January, 2007

TGF: yes... AFAIR also KNP. I haven't checked MMF because I don't have it.
Posted by 3rd February, 2007

actually you can download it for free!

Its retired and can be legally downloaded from the clickteam site





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