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Pointless 2: The Re-Disappearing
Author: Tim Submitted: 31st January, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 116

Edited By SilverNova on 1/31/2007

Well, here it is - Pointless 2. The game has the same principles as the prequel, only things have been improved to make it more fun and easier in places to progress through the game

I didn't take very long to make, as it wasn't very hard... and I knew what I was doing this time around too which always helps! Special thanks to Sam De'Ath for the amazing intro music! The game racked up to 5mb with the inclusive music though, but ah well, could be worse :\

Info -->

Show your mouse you REALLY don't need his company in Pointless 2. Navigate your invisible mouse from start to finish to progressto the next round - take your time, and remember to use the footprint hints to help you track your way!!

Controls -->

Mouse - Move
Mouse Click - Select


Please READ the README!! Thanks TDC

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Posted by Ski 1st February, 2007

cool I didnt get it at first but now I do ^^
Posted by Tim 1st February, 2007

LOL *slaps*
Posted by Jake G 1st February, 2007

i would give u a compliment but someone will think im just saying it because im on the same team as you sorry.. (see gauntlet runner)
Posted by robin90 2nd February, 2007

NOt a bad game. A very unique game indeed. It is better and easier than the first one. Thumbs up.
Posted by Tim 2nd February, 2007

Thanks robin90 and thanks Jake (you cheeky lil )
Posted by viva/volt 2nd February, 2007
Rated :

It's definitely better than the first one, in difficulty and in style. Much more fun music too
Posted by axel 2nd February, 2007

Fun little game. I wouldn't call it unique though, I'm pretty sure I've seen similar flash games on the net before.
Posted by Johnny Look 2nd February, 2007

Nice gfx and nice gameplay too.
Posted by viva/volt 3rd February, 2007
Rated :

@axel: Yeah I thought that but I can't find any yet, if you find one tell us
Posted by LIJI 4th February, 2007

"Wow!! You win!!"
Posted by -Nick- 6th February, 2007

Seems cool to me, but you can complete it easily in about 2 minutes because you can pass over the yellow lines as long as you dont move the mouse slowly.

I'm not even gonna try and do it properly... it's pointless
Posted by dug 9th February, 2007

I love this game! Its sooo pointless but so addictive! Nice one Tim!

Quite a lot easier using a laptop mouse pointer personally! I'm gunna be sending this game around for weeks!
Posted by viva/volt 9th February, 2007
Rated :

lol 22 downloads and 11 votes, as a general rule, VOTE DAMMIT.
Posted by Tim 12th February, 2007

Lol shush Ben
Posted by Jake G 16th July, 2007

I CANT WIN!!!!! sorry, i just have to have the last say
Posted by viva/volt 9th November, 2007
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