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Author: Tim Submitted: 25th September, 2006 Favourites:0
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Edited By (Tim) on 9/25/2006

-> Info

To get through the 15 levels in this game, you must guide your mouse and click on the button on each level. Sounds easy right?


Your friendly mouse pointer friend isn't around, so this time you're on your own! You'll simply have to guess where your mouse is, without hitting any obstacles that may appear, of course!


-> Controls:

Mouse - Movement
Left Click- Select


This game does get very hard Have fun! Comments etc welcome

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 25th September, 2006

This is really quite clever - though I found it frustratingly impossible after about the sixth level.
Posted by Silveraura 25th September, 2006

Looks cool, even if it has been done many times in flash games.
Posted by Reno 25th September, 2006

pretty great but yes. Many flash games. Thumbs up on my count
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 25th September, 2006

Thing is, most of those Flash games pop up a picture of Michael Jackson and scream at you halfway through.
Posted by Fifth 25th September, 2006

Interesting concept...

Still, I can't imagine how you can expect some of those later levels to be possible. Some of those maneuvers seem pretty impossible even WITH a visible pointer.

Regardless, I found several ways to cheat.
Posted by Tim 26th September, 2006

Yeah, I've tested the levels myself to make sure they're possible. There's always going to be SOME way of cheating, I could prevent that by making the game full screen - but I can't be bothered, if you want to cheat it's up to you!

Anyway, yeah flash is annoying, so thought I'd introduce the idea to MMF

Glad you like! Thanks for comments.
Posted by Reno 26th September, 2006

tehe michal Jacson
Posted by steve 26th September, 2006

interesting at first.. but too annoying for my lack of patience.
Posted by DeadmanDines 26th September, 2006

I think it needs more to make it a little simpler and entertaining. There needs to be some kind of occasional hint as to where the mouse is.

I was thinking, perhaps you could make it isometric. Then, sometimes have a mirrored wall that shows the mouse in the reflection. And other things, like when moving the mouse over water, you can see the reflection of its underside. Little things so that occasionally you can get a grasp of where you are. As levels get harder, you simply give less of these hints in the levels.
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 26th September, 2006

Well,i tried the game,and i found some things that really need to be fixed:
- If you move the mouse really fast,you can get "over" the obstacles.
- The mouse doesn't hide sometimes.

It's really a cool game though (finished it without cheating!)
Posted by Tim 26th September, 2006

@Chaoz: Wow! Nice one!! The mouse should always hide when moved past a point in each level though :\

I like your ideas too DeadmanDines, like maybe a signal around where the cursor is - have one per level or something similar?

.. Should there be a Pointless 2 I'll definitely take these accounts in to consideration Thanks guys!
Posted by Moonyjacob 26th September, 2006

This game is pointless. Get it?

I stopped playing at level 5. Got abit fustrated!

But i suppose this game is pretty good. Thumbs up!
Posted by Tim 26th September, 2006

Lol thanks U.2's lil bro

Yeah it's the 'Pun Intended' version after all
Posted by PeterD 26th September, 2006

Posted by Bibin 26th September, 2006

hit alt at level start, wait 4 seconds, then hit alt again. play as normal.

or, just hit alt, position the mouse over the button, and click.

fun game.
Posted by Tim 27th September, 2006

It's Pointless cheating!!! ... Oh.. no wait a sec.. lol

Oh fine, well use in emergencies!! Naughty Bibin!

Least now you all know what wont be allowed in Pointless 2! Thanks
Posted by markno2 27th September, 2006

I won!!
Posted by AS Filipowski 27th September, 2006

in the next game, make Alt = close the program, or teleport you to the game over screen! lol
Posted by Bibin 27th September, 2006

Yeah, you can detect alt if A) You disable the menu and B) You use Control X.
Posted by Tim 27th September, 2006

Yeah I know how It'll be in Pointless 2 - don't you worry! haha
Posted by ben mercer 30th September, 2006

This game is exactly what it says on the tin
Posted by matty - (pandemonium games) 1st October, 2006

i won! yay. just enable control and it shows you where the mouse is. ps. if you completed it without cheating your have too much spare time i found it almost impossbile when i cheated lol? 7/10
Posted by Tim 1st October, 2006

Thanks Phizzy, how very considerate

@Matty - Glad you liked! Thanks for playin
Posted by viva/volt 9th November, 2007
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