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Edited By John Ragland on 1/12/2007

One or two player game where you combat an Alien force that has come to annihilate your planet.

You control a Super Marine, equipped with the best weapons on the planet.

You can gain weapons by exploring and fighting the Aliens. You are in a battle with a constant enemy, Aliens continue to land and you must continue to repel the invasion.

Lots of special effects, made using MMF 2.0 with the latest abilities.

Player 1 controls are W,A,S,D and the Mouse. Pressing Q - E cycles weapons up and down. Player 2 cycles weapons using the Gamepad buttons 1 - 4.

Touch the people that are running around they will help you, try to keep them alive.

This is also a 2 player co-op game where player 2 uses a gamepad. Press 1 or 2 while in game to bring in player 2.

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Posted by The Chris Street 11th January, 2007

Better description please.
Posted by John Ragland 14th January, 2007

Somebody download and try this?!

Posted by Johnny Look 17th January, 2007

Begging people to download your game will not help that much.
Posted by John Ragland 18th January, 2007

It can't be that bad. lol
Posted by Trooper_959 11th November, 2007

Posted by Trooper_959 11th November, 2007

fix download i cant download this




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