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Author: John Ragland Submitted: 26th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 82

If I get positive feedback I will continue to add to this game idea. This engine is a testbed for more of my top down game ideas.

The concepts have been developed and optimized by me for a while now so it runs at an o.k. frame rate sometimes.
Puddles Of Blood is a graphic game about an Island of crazy people, they have become crazed zombies that smell anyone not like them. A container of kraze8 experimental weaponized gas has leaked all over the island and you where the only one lucky enough to be un-affected. I have planned a whole island exploration experience maybe.

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Posted by Fragasnap 27th September, 2005

That probably could've been alot cooler it told me how to use the knife!
Posted by John Ragland 29th September, 2005

Ah, there is a lot more to it. Walk over the Red Cabinets and press Ctrl. Walk over the brown chests and press CTRL to open them. [Note] you have to have keys to do this.
Posted by DaVince 29th September, 2005

Pretty kewl. :)
Posted by John Ragland 6th October, 2005

Thanks DaVince!
Posted by John Ragland 7th October, 2005

Hey Try Bloody Massacre also! That is the game I was hoping this would be! You'd be missing out on a neat game if you don't try it.
Posted by John Ragland 7th October, 2005

P.S. I did not make Bloody Massacre! That was made by another group of talented MMF users.
Posted by Moonyjacob 8th December, 2013
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Damn, I wish this link wasn't broken.




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