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Two Sorcerers
Author: Harvy Submitted: 22nd August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 73

Two Sorcerers is a 2-player cooperative platform-movment adventure. Master the magical arts and fight evil with a friend!

Play through a world of original graphics and music. Collect Moon Coins and unlock more powerful Spells. Destroy anything that stands in your way as you wage battle against the forces of darkness. Best of all, you get to double-team the enemies! Each sorcerer has unique attacks, creating a deadly team. You will need them both to defeat the might of shadow.

Read the Help section to learn how to use spells, revive your ally, and gain ultimate strength.

Created within a month of the release of MMF2, Two Sorcerers displays some of the fun new features of that tool. If you are wondering how any particular effect was achieved, then you're in luck: Two Sorcerers is covered by a license that allows you to view and even copy the source events. Graphics, level design, story, characters, and music are not available for reuse---but the "game logic," consisting of events and object properties, are available. Read the license for more details. Note that to reduce the file size, the source file does not include fonts or music.

I know some people don't like installers, but this one includes the fonts that are used in the game and doesn't do anything ridiculous; it was made by MMF2.

The game page (with source link) is at

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Posted by steve 23rd August, 2006

As phizzy said, compulsory 2P is not a good idea.

There seemed to be no collision detection at all in this game.
When the enemy was hit - nothing happened at all(except for an internal alt value decreasing until they die).
This needs to be fixed otherwise it makes the characters attacks seem useless.
The wizard fires a large bouncing fireball, when it strikes a regular grey mouse I expect it to explode in a shower of gibs or at least flash and get knocked back.
You need to look at the graphics too. The female wizard's hat is simply stuck on top of her head, you need to fit it onto her properly, it looks stupid.

Everything else was quite nicely done, good to see paralax, I guess this will be a running theme now MMF2 is out; still a step in the right direction.

Good work, fix the problems - make the characters look better and it could be a great game.
Posted by Harvy 23rd August, 2006

Hmm.... about 2P: I know what you are saying, but there are plenty of 1P platformers out there, and 1P mode would significantly alter the game mechanics. You can certainly play it with one player (trade off which wizard you use) but some of the bosses in particular work a lot better with two. The game isn't that hard, so you don't have to find a hard-core gamer to play with---I tested (and beat) it with my little sister.
Posted by Jason Orme 23rd August, 2006

A nice game, unfortunatly the 2 Player lets it down.

If you can make this a 1 Player game, and change it so it works good with 1 Player then in general its alot of fun.

Very nice graphics too.
Posted by Flava 23rd August, 2006

For a 2 player game the idea is good.
But us klikers don't have many friends to play with
Posted by Jason Orme 23rd August, 2006

A blunt way to put it.. yes
Posted by Wicked Studios 24th August, 2006

a good idea, but a one player version should have been put in as well as a two player
Posted by AndyUK 24th August, 2006

would it be possible to make an ai player take the place of player 2?
Posted by Harvy 24th August, 2006

It would be extremely difficult to program in the current build of MMF2. Try it yourself if you like.

You can play both characters yourself---use Backspace to switch scrolling---or find someone capable of pushing arrow keys to be the second player. The only places you might have a little more trouble are the bosses.
Posted by AndyUK 27th August, 2006

I don't have mmf2 so i can't. But i'm sure it's quite easy if you can find the right methods.
Posted by Harvy 28th August, 2006

I'm sure it's quite easy to say that if you don't have MMF2 Get the demo, man.
Posted by Tomssuli 31st August, 2006

Nice that someone makes 2P coop games ...I have many friends to try them with and I always complain about games not having coop possibility... We'll try this with my sister
Posted by Harvy 1st September, 2006

Nice that someone on DC appreciates it Looks like most people didn't even bother.
Posted by Zethell 2nd September, 2006

Don't listen to Phizzy and Steve.
Compulsory 2P is a good idea!
Posted by Zethell 2nd September, 2006

- "It would be extremely difficult to program in the current build of MMF2."

If ure talking about the AI taking over P2.. Then im gonna laugh you in your face.
Posted by Harvy 3rd September, 2006

I guess you are talking to the other guy (AndyUK)? If you're talking to me, I repeat the challenge to do it yourself. Trying to get MMF events to take over a platform-moving character in a game requiring careful timing, cooperation, and some strategy is no easy task.
Posted by DaVince 30th May, 2007

Getting platform movement to work for seperate active objects isn't too difficult if you know how to do it right. Getting the AI to detect what's going on shouldn't be TOO difficult either.




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