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Saes - Loveless Demo
Author: Corny Submitted: 6th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 44

Edited By Corny on 08/06/2006

Edited By Corny on 08/06/2006

Saes - Senseless And Extremely Stupid
This is a project I'm working on for quite a while now (thanks to all the people helping me out at the tdc-boards!! Still, I'm as bad at coding as ever...) and now, I finally finished a demoversion for everyone to check out.
Also check out where you can download artworks connected to the game and other stuff.

Since my native language is german, I had to translate the game into english. So sorry for any mistakes...

Saes - Loveless Demo 2006 by Crazy Arcadia,
v.1.0 6.6.06

Press shift for start
Select the options in the menue with the mousepointer.

Story -
Starts the storymode

Stagemode -
choose available levels for getting saesemblems... therefore, special requirements have to be met.

Multiplayer -
not available

Extra -
When enough seasemblems are gained(2), there will be a nice bonus available.

Credits -
Game, Scenario and Graphics all copyright by
Crazy Arcadia

In Actionmode :
Arrow left/right = walk
Arrow up = enter doors
Avoid enemys and traps, collect keys for opening doors.
If all lives are lost, the game is over.

In Adventuremode :
Shift = observe
Strg = talk
Arrow down = scroll text down
He who investigates everything will have the most fun!

Note :
On some PCs, the midisoundtrack will slow down the game. Some problems with timebased requirements in stagemode may appear. In that case, put options/ play music off!

Warning :
If Game/ new is choosen or F2 is pressed, the game restarts and you loose ALL SAESEMBLEMBS (drama)!!!

The download only consists of the .exe and .gam. If you want or need to install the game, get the setup-file here : . It comes at 933 KB.

Hope you enjoy Saes - Loveless

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 (437kb )

Posted by Knudde (Shab) 6th June, 2006

Screenshots not working, fix them up and we'll add the game.
Posted by Corny 6th June, 2006

That's strange... I can see them here, even click them...
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 6th June, 2006

Oh, oops, that's cause my blocking software is blocking your host for some reason.

Stupid christian blocking companies.
Posted by Corny 7th June, 2006

"This is a game. You can play it."
I don't know where i read it and if i quoted it exactly, but yeah... for all the retards out there, including me, exact instructions for the obvious are a necessary evil ^^
Posted by steve 7th June, 2006

Thumb UP!
I liked this, despite the use of default movements; the game has a nice atmosphere and was quite involving.
The graphics are pretty good but I couldnt make it go fullscreen properly (you should fix that)
Posted by BeamSplashX 7th June, 2006

I'm... confused by the screenshots. I'll get it when I get home. Maybe. Popsoldierdietupdate.
Posted by ben mercer 7th June, 2006

Next time please zip it as a ready to run executable. For games this small, setup programs are annoying and pointless.
Posted by ben mercer 7th June, 2006

The game was mostly well presented, but I found the gameplay a bit repetetive and the movement quite dodgy.
Posted by Corny 7th June, 2006

thanks for your comments so far!

I zipped it with an to run executable as well, as stated in my description, see last paragraph. It can be found here : I know most TDC-Visitors including me prefer them over setup programs but I also know many people who won't get them to work without the setup. So I made both versions downloadable.

The movement is not as good as I wished it to be -_- I tried to make a custom movement engine several times, but unfortunately, I failed... mine were even buggier than the default one. And I didn't want to just smash an finished tutorial engine on my game without understanding it. Thought that would be cheap.

As for repetetive - I'm interested in details so that I can look into it and improve it... I tried to add something new everystage, be it new obstacles, enemys, graphics or make the level more complex. But I also wanted to keep things as simple as possible to play...

Posted by Aptennap 8th June, 2006

Oh my, there's hentai on their site!!!
Posted by Corny 8th June, 2006

oh... well... I removed the link to my mainpage, only leaving the direct link to the Saes-Page and game, since I don't know about laws in other countries, but my page was already reviewed via, a german page about legal protection of young persons, and since I don't have anything hardcore on my page, or censored out the bits that would be considered hardcore, there's no problem with it. I'm sorry for any inadequacy I might have triggered. Besides, it's mostly drawings I did myself and some reviews of anime .
Posted by Aptennap 9th June, 2006

Noo, i was just kidding, do whatever you like, i don't care.
Posted by Corny 9th June, 2006

well ok ^^ but we don't want some soccer moms (is that how you call over-sensitive and over-caring parents in english?) ruining all the fun on tdc or somethin. i mean, whoever wants to go to my site still can find the link easily, but since it isn't directly related to the game, it's link isn't that important I mean, even MY mother visits my site and knows about all that stuff, lol.
Posted by Mruqe 9th June, 2006

Posted by Knudde (Shab) 10th June, 2006

"Hey, as soon as you mock certain religions, your going to scare audiences away. What are you? eh?"

No, I'm not mocking their religion, just their god awful blocking software that 90% of the time blocks out sites for no reason what so ever. Read a little closer next time.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 11th June, 2006

Posted by MasterM 11th June, 2006

Ein Deutscher Clicker? Ich wusste nicht, dass es so etwas gibt
Posted by Corny 11th June, 2006

mhh...du bist doch auch einer, oder? Sind dann schon mindestens 2^^ und ich hab noch mehr gesehen...

am working again on the game, currently finishing another level (making it 8 out of 16 finished levels). Also, I made up some nice ideas to prevent the game from getting repetetive. If I go on working on that game like that, it might be finished before we write the year 2007...
Posted by Bartman 14th June, 2006

I know this sounds stupid, but whats the Strg key? I've pressed just about every key on the keyboard and couldnt find it.
Posted by Corny 14th June, 2006

oh... whoops, I forgot to translate it from german into english^^ strg=Steuerung which is control=ctrl in english. sry
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 14th June, 2006

@Skinny - What the hell are you saying? I dont' care about your god, their god, my god; this isn't about that. The blocking software my job uses is hyper sensitive, and therefore stupid: when I can't access; there's a problem. The blocking company is proud that they are a "christian" organization. I say their software is crappy and blocks out many, many thing unneccessarily. My previous comment stands. Your garbled comment about beating me with a spatula is quite funny actually. Your attempted insult is even funnier; now drop this foolishness.
Posted by Ski 14th June, 2006

why is the characters animals and like kangaroos and mice?





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