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C.M. Tank Battle
Author: Corny Submitted: 31st July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 84

Edited By Corny on 03/06/2006

Edited By Corny on 12/4/2004

Here we have my first really finished project, C.M. TankBattle (10/2003-12/2003). First thougt as an extension to an old manga-series of mine, C.M. Adventures, it became a game on its own. But be prepared - it's a Klik n'Play game, so don't hope for modern appearance...

The game is a 2-Player Tank-game with Pacman-like elements. It's not about killing each other (you can do that, too, though) but collecting the most medals within one world.

Features :
-24 levels with many different styles (desert, city, industrial, matrix, sciencefiction, arctic, ...)
-Manga-like style
-free tank-movement and some nice ideas in level-design

Antifeatures :
-unfortunately, no own soundtrack. I don't have a midi-keyboard, I wished I had, because I 'could' make a custom soundtrack -_- .The soundeffects are made by myself, only the "pling"-sound came frome KnP-Libaries...

please tell me your opinion - a 2nd part is in production, this time in MMF, better graphics, selfmade soundtrack...
also, if you like, check my homepage for infos about other projects I'm currently working on (and some vidgame and anime-reviews can be found there, too)

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Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 31st July, 2004

yay first comment hahah
Posted by Yuhkaz 1st August, 2004

I'll comment when I play it.
Posted by Yuhkaz 1st August, 2004

Definately not manga style.. the movement is really annoying.
Posted by Corny 1st August, 2004

Well, ok. Thanks for the critics. (adding "movement" to the what-to-do-better-in-part-2-list) mhh, I thought, the characters were in manga-style ...well, apart from being somhow crappy drawn in this game. Newer projects look like => my gif
Posted by Yuhkaz 2nd August, 2004

Oh right, the characters were.. like semi manga. I mean the overall feel of the game wasn't manga or rather a japanese style. If you fixed the movement, added a few extra features and some bang whammy it'll b cool
Posted by 2nd August, 2004

:) that dress-up game was good !!!
Posted by BeamSplashX 2nd August, 2004

Wow, you're very professional. Not in industry terms, but in terms of Klik games. The next game should be a sort of 'steal vehicle and hunt your friend' type game (or are you too far into creation to do that?). Interesting that you used a GIF for all your screenshots.
Posted by Corny 3rd August, 2004

Well, Tank Battle 2 is going to have some new modes (thought of some nice things), and bigger maps (if I'm able to get network working...). Your critics so far were really helpful for me working on the 2nd part. Steal vehicle... mhh... I might have an idea for a new feature for TankBattle2... I thought of bringing the dressup-game to DailyClick, too, but it contains nudity, so I wasn't sure if it's OK to post content like that.
Posted by 3rd August, 2004

Put some more ladies in the dress-up game and it'll be SUPER !!! (I think everyone is available to send erotic games in to Daily-sensored.)





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