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Trade Wars 2
Author: Jarzka Submitted: 3rd June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 307
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Jarzka on 11/15/2008

Edited By Jarzka on 11/15/2008

Trade Wars 2

Current version
Windows XP 1.01
Windows Vista 1.02 (linked here)


1. Basic info
2. Version history
3. Tools
4. Options
5. FAQ
6. Credits


1. Basic info

Q: What is Trade Wars?
A: Trade Wars 2 is third game in Trade Wars series. It's sequel to Trade Wars
and Trade Wars Revolution. All the games have been Lemmings clones.

Q: Idea of the game?
A: Idea of the game is same as in old classic Lemmings. Your objective is to lead
certain amount of lemming soldiers through all kinds of levels to "destination".
When required amount of soldiers have reached the destination, level is completed.
Each level has a set amount of different tools to aid you. You can say that you
have completed the game after you have completed all the levels. You can download
or create more levels, though.

Q: Why are you copying the Lemmings?
A: Lemmings is very simple and that may be one reason why it became classic game.
Good games tend to be cloned, but not with intent to replace it.
Trade Wars is like a little bigger fan project and not by any means the only one;
there are dozens of lemmings-clones.


2. Version history

First published version. Some added features, compared to Trade Wars Revolution:

- Levels can be drawn with any kind of graphics editor. It is also possible to create your
own backgrounds, so there is no need to use the same black background all the time.
With the graphics editor you can choose areas that can't be destroyed even with a drill.
- You can choose which music is played in level by default. Player can change the music if
he or she wants to.
- You can choose how many lemmings spawns from each spawn point
- You can write a short description for your levels
- New objects that can be added to level (water, for example)
- A small preview is viewed from chosen level in level editor and in-game
- New musics, possibility to add own modules (.mod, .it and so on)
- Characters and their animations look better
- Game now supports ALT + TAB without bugging, unlike Trade Wars Revolution
- New game modes: Training, Campaign and Custom
- All old tools included, with 5 new ones:
Drill slanting, Snow Bazooka, Kamikaze, Suicide and Trade Rope
- Easy-to-use Check for Updates- tool

Here's a little secret.. Press in Trade Wars Revolution's main menu


3. Tools

Using the tools:
You can see if specific tool is available. If it is, click it and after that the
lemming you want use the tool to.
If you want to cancel the selection, click with right mouse button or choose another

Short description of tools:

Drill forward
= Lemming drills a tunnel in front of it. Good tool, if you must break through a wall.
Hint: Drilling downhill doesn't work!

Drill down
= Lemming drills a deep hole beneath him.

Drill slanting
= Lemming drills in approximately 45 degree angle.

= Soldier prevents other soldiers from traveling from that spot and turns them back. Useful
when you want to prevent soldiers from falling to holes. Preventing lemming can't be turned
back to normal soldier. You can use Suicide to him, though.

Rocket Launcher
= Lemming shoots with rocket launcher to direction he is watching. Impact causes
an explosion and leaves a hole behind. Useful for destroying thin walls.
Try not to shoot your own lemmings!

Snow Bazooka
= Just like a rocket launcher, except the impact leaves behind a huge lump of snow.

= Lemming flies upwards and destroys everything in its path - unless it is indestructable,

= Lemming blows himself up straight there in 5 seconds.
Hint: This is the only tool that can be used to preventing lemmings.

Umberella Factory
= Used only to falling lemmings. A flying umbrella factory will spawn to lemming.
When lemming collides with the factory, he gets a disposaple umbrella, which
ensures safe landing to even the deepest holes. It can be used only once.

= A bridge is built in front of lemming. Useful way to get past the holes.

= Stairs are built in front of lemming. Useful for getting past high walls etc.

Trade Rope
= A Trade rope is build in front of lemming. More rope will come out until the
hook collides with ceiling. Lemmings then climb until the rope ends, and then
they will continue their journey. Useful for getting past vertical walls.


4. Options

Here are short descriptions about game's settings. They can be defined
in Options menu.

= Choose which music is played during the levels. Make sure that "No music"
isn't selected.

Do not change
= If this is NOT selected, the music will change in each level. If you want
to listen to the same music all the time, select this.

No music
= If selected, no music is played.

= Volume level of the music.

= If game doesn't run smoothly, you can drop amount of effects with this.
It is recommended to keep it as high as possible.

Soil backdrop
= If you want to see backdrop through destroyed terrain, don't select this.
Note: In some levels it is recommended to leave this off, as there might be
something interesting hidden in backdrop etc.

Pause before start
= If chosen, game will be paused before the level starts. This makes it easier
to explore the level.


5. FAQ

Some questions and answers about the game:

Q: Game doesn't start up / I can't hear the musics.
A: Make sure that these files are in game directory:
CNCS232.dll (starting up)
ModFX.dll (musics)

You can also try putting CNCS232.dll to Windows\System32.

If the .dll-files are missing (???) you can try to find them at

Q: Why some of the campaign levels aren't working?
A: Play the previous level through first

Q: This level is impossible to complete!?
A: Don't give up. All the levels have been checked and are possible to complete. Some levels have
more than one way to get through.

If you have downloaded the level, you might be able to get some info from the author.

Q: Is this game freeware?
A: YES! You may distribute it as much as you want, as long as you don't do any modifications to it (without
author's permission) or ask money for it.

Note: You may also put a direct link for the game in your homepage, but be sure to check if the link is working
eventually as new versions may come up, resulting in a dead link.

Q: How can I add my own musics to game?
A: Only modules are supported, not .mp3s or anything else (you can listen to them by using Winamp )
Note: Adding your own modules may cause levels' musics not playing as they should (bug in version 1.0), you can fix this
by making sure that your modules are last ones in directory (by adding z's in front of module's name,").

Q: Game runs goddamn slowly.
1) Install the newest DirectX (9.0c at the moment).
2) Install the newest drivers for your graphics card. They can be found at manufacturers' homepages
3) Check if there are other programs using lots of CPU resources.
4) Reboot your computer.

Don't get confused now but your system might be simply too slow.

Q: The game happened to destroy my system etc.?!
A: You play and use this game at your own risk. Author isn't obligated to substitute anything
this game may cause.

Risk of this is very very small anyway

Q: This game has an error/a bug/ a glitch.
A: Contact the author and we'll see if it can be fixed and when that would happen.
Contact info can be found in end of this file.

Q: Why there is a block with text "OBJ" in the level?
A: You are probably playing level that has been made with newer editor, which isn't supported by the game.
Update your game at

Q: Where can I get new levels for the game?
A: New levels may come with updates or they can be published separately.
More about this at

Q: How am I supposed to know what version I am using?
A: Version number can be seen at:
- Bottom right in main menu.
- Readme.txt's version history.
- Level editor's version number can be found in leveleditor.txt's version history or window's caption.
- Using the Check for updates - tool.

Q: Check for Updates- tool isn't working (opens an empty page or "page not found")
A: Try
If that doesn't work as well, server is probably down or the page's been shut (oh noes).

Q: Who made musics for this game?
A: Authors are mentioned in game and in this file. Most of them have been borrowed from
Mod Archive ( If someone finds it insulting to have his/her music in this game (???),
you can contact the author and ask him to remove the music from next version. Contact info can still
be found in end of this file.

It is worth noting that this game is completely free and its author doesn't benefit from it

Q: What about the sounds then?
A: Well, Worms- games have been a source for sounds, and also graphics to many games. That isn't of course
an excuse to borrow them some more. It is worth noting that this game is completely free and its author doesn't
benefit from it economically.

Q: isn't working.
A: Note that it is, not
If it still doesn't work, try or If that doesn't work,
site may be temporarily down or been shut down (oh noes).

Remember to try Google as a last resort.

If you can't find answer to your question here, contact author. Contact info in end of this file.


6. Credits

Game has been produced by Fear of The Fatal Error.




Electronic Decade by: NITZER
Fijan moon by: Efenstor
Funkyfish.s3m by: Haikz
Metamorphosis by: Stamen (ST Arts)
Phenomenon by: Stamen (ST Arts)
Photographic Tracked by: Predator
s13ge55.xm by: S13ge
So much left to say by: stamen (st arts)
StormRider by: Stamen (ST ARTS)
Electric Wire By: Timpi
Electric by: Xerxes
-*- "Friends" -*- by: Zaril Krion
firepower by: jellybean
hitec-puzzle-tune by: howie davies
impossible puzzle box by: lysander lapine

Worms World Party (Team17)

Official levels:

Official Level Editor:

TXT-files and story
translated by:

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Posted by The Chris Street 3rd June, 2006

Finally! Someone at last supplies a decent description of a game! Thank ye Gods!

Posted by Mruqe 3rd June, 2006

This is not a decent description. This is the readme file. There's no point quoting the whole readme file as a description... But, hey, whatever.
Posted by Daymian T 3rd June, 2006

Looks cool! I used to play Lemmings till my eyes bleededed on Snes. Downloading.
Posted by AndyUK 3rd June, 2006

why let that stop you?
Posted by Flava 3rd June, 2006

The readme file describes everything about the game - so it is a decent description in my opinion. Shouldn't matter whether it came from the readme file or not.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 4th June, 2006

Yaaaaay lemmings... type of thing
Posted by Mruqe 4th June, 2006

@Flava - What I meant was that it's kind of pointless to uplaod all the readme as a descreption. It's much more than enough. Too much scrolling to see the screenshots and I'm a lazy ass
Posted by Keatontech! 4th June, 2006

Yeah, I can't be bothered to read the whole thing, but some parts are very usefull
Posted by axel 4th June, 2006

Liking that "Hard Rock Hallelujah!" level
Posted by tf76 6th June, 2006

New member here, g'day

It would be nice if I could complete the second campaign!
And I thought within a deep forest was hard
Posted by Jarzka 8th June, 2006

Hi all.

Some of the player may be have the bug, that lemmings don't drill so far as they should.
I have checked out the "code", but didn't find anything that could explain that. I feel it happens only in a little slow computers (because there are lots of loops in the engine)
Does anyone else have this bug? I will try to do my best to fix it an release version 1.01 (it also should have some new levels )
Posted by Jarzka 8th June, 2006

OK, new patch: 1.01.
Posted by steve 9th June, 2006

it's good but I couldnt find the "speed up" key.. (this was vital in the old Lemmings games)
Posted by Mruqe 9th June, 2006

This is just a Lemmings clone. Not even half as good as orginal Lemmings. Level design in the campaign mode is poor, interface is buggy, graphics are not clear nor coherent. The cartoony graphics in the tutorial and some custom levels is a lot better than the photo-based campaign levels. But still this IS the best game in this week's GOTW poll and I voted for it.
Posted by Henry GALE 9th June, 2006

Amazing game!
Posted by tf76 9th June, 2006

Phizzy, grow up!
Posted by Stian B. 9th June, 2006

Too long description,put it in "dontreadme.txt" instead.
I seen a certain pic of Phizzy,I regret,I cant sleep anymore..
Posted by izac 13th June, 2006

everytime i click download... i wish it wouldn't ask me to vote the game, that is gay and anoying!

Anyway... downloading.
Posted by izac 13th June, 2006

hmm.. pretty lame.. level editor is fualty... action is slow.. music is crap and anoying. the level editor actually does give alot of crap planning, and takes a year to make a full level... 4/10(Which is poor/crap)

Make better dog shit, then someone will like the smell!
Posted by Fifth 16th June, 2006

Kweh... I just beat the campaign mode.

It's pretty good for what it is. I think you pulled off the technical aspects of the gameplay quite well.

I'll have to agree that the picture-based levels just seem... I dunno, odd. I enjoyed the tunnel-based ones more; there were some really devious puzzles in there!
Posted by Faraz Parsa 25th August, 2006

Lemmings FTW!





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