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Trade Wars Revolution
Author: Jarzka Submitted: 10th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 297
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Edited By Jarzka on 11/15/2008

Trade Wars Revolution

1. Game goal
2. Version history
2. Tools
3. FAQ
4. Credits


1. Game goal
Game goal is same as in the old classic game named Lemmings. Your objective is
to lead required amount of lemming soldiers throught wonderous levels to house(s).
When required amount of soldiers have reached the house(s), you have completed
the level. Many sorts of tools are given to aid you, and when and how many times
you can use them are restricted by level makers.
You can say that you have completed the game after you have completed all the levels.

2. Version history
- Fixed bugs


First published version. New when compared to predecessor:
- Lots of bug fixes
- Possibility to change soldier spawn times
- New and old tools (e.g rocket launcher)
- Amount of tool can be seen all the time, not only when mouse cursor is over the tool's icon
- Registeration system has been killed
- Possibility to choose music
- New puzzle levels to complete and tutorial levels for practising
- Soldiers die when falling from too high
- Pause, restart and quit buttons are now a little more clearer
- English readme.txt (you might be aware that you are reading it already)
- Level statistics are recorded (when choosing the level you can see which
ones you have already completed)


3. Tools
Short description about tools:

Drill forward
= Soldier drills a tunnel in front of him. Good tool if you must breach through a wall.
Tip: Don't try to drill downhill, because it doesn't work.

Drill down
= Soldier drills a deep hole beneath him. Think it as a vertical tunnel.

= Soldier begins to prevent other soldiers from traveling from that point and
turns them back. Useful tool to prevent soldiers e.g from falling to holes.
When a soldier has been selected to prevent, he cannot be returned to a soldier.

= A bridge is built in front of soldier. Useful tool if you must get over holes
and such.

= A staircase is build in front of soldier. Useful tool if you must get over
high walls etc.

Rocket Launcher
= Soldier shoots with rocket launcher towards direction he is looking at. Rockets
explode upon impact with walls and creates a hole. Rocket launcher is easy way to
shoot thin walls out of the way. Just be careful when shooting or you may
shoot your own soldiers into pieces.

Umbrella Factory
= Used only on falling soldiers. A flying umbrella factory is created in position of soldier.
When a soldier bypasses factory (while falling) he gets an umbrella, which he can use to
safely land even in deep holes. Umbrellas are disposable.

4. FAQ
Some questions and possible answers.

Q = Game is complaining about some DLL-files?
A = Make sure that that file is located in game's directory. If not, you can download
it from, for example.

Q = This level is impossible to complete?
A = Don't give up. Some levels may seem difficult. Sometimes there may be many ways
to complete the level.

Q = Is this game freeware?
A = YES! You may distribute it as much you want, unless you modify it (without author's permission).

Q = Is it possible that more follow-ups will come?
A = Trade Wars Revolution will propably be the last part of Trade Wars- serie.
Some patches may come, but if a completely new game is to come,
it would need something clearly new and original. You can follow the situation
at Blue Storm's home page.

Q = If new versions are to come, may I test them?
A = Only a few, well chosen persons are accepted for testing. Propably not you..

5. Credits

Graphics and MMF-programming:

pb_winner.xm = PsykkoPhobia Brothers
REGGAE.xm = _cRim- = Dusodril
IN_THE_F.xm = _cRim-
s13ge55.xm = s13ge
Buzzrock.mp3 = Team17
photo.xm = Depeche Mode

Worms World Party
Volcano 2

Level Editor:

Official terrains:

Official levels:



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Posted by Reno 13th September, 2005

OMG!!!! I LOVE LEMMINGS! I tryed to re-create lemmings inMMF bu couldn't :-(
Posted by Jarzka 14th September, 2005

The link works now and new version is 1.1 :)
Posted by Reno 14th September, 2005

It works now. :-) BTW, I'm the adminiser of this computer. My computer is mine, and mine only. (but thanx for trying to help)
Posted by kjarom 14th September, 2005

Posted by izac 15th September, 2005

This game is very buggy!XD the lemming guys walk strait through walls! hahaha! i liked the level editor, the gameplay was alright!
Posted by alibaba 15th September, 2005

good game - only issue is levels are a little easy. However, there is alevel editor which looks nice!
Posted by Death Reaper X0 16th September, 2005

I liked :) The smoothness is really nice too.
Posted by Joshtek 17th September, 2005

I thought this was a nice good game, but a little bit more work could have made it much better: One thing I liked about Lemmings is that you had a reason to do well, for example if you complete a level it allows you to progress to the next one and the percentage rewards you for managing to have as little loss of life as possible. The game could feel much more worthwhile with a "campaign" mode which rated a players sucess on a level by the time it took, how many survived, and how many tools were used. Doing this would not only make completing a level feel more rewarding, but add replayability as people try to better their ranking. Engine quirks aside, another gripe is that it can be very boring waiting for them all to walk home. A feature to make them walk faster would, in my view, improve the game. On a happier note, I like the level editor.
Posted by 18th September, 2005

Java 2 Will win I hope this game ius good but java 2 is beter
Posted by Juho Paavola 25th September, 2005

Awesome game, and congrats on the GOTW. :)
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 26th September, 2005

Java 2 wasn't better cuz no one really voted for it, and plus people look down on password games.





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