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Kirby: Quick Draw
Author: Agent.X Submitted: 14th April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 83

Edited By Agent.X on 16/04/2006


This game is a quick game that I made up all in just one day. All it really is, is a re-creation of the classic 'Quick-Draw' Mini-Game from the SNES/GBA Kirby games.
I'm not expecting to get a high rating but I am hoping that this game will get some downloads and hopefully some good feedback.
+ It isn't much but their is also a Multi-Player VS. Mode in this re-creation too; enjoy!

Option Selection - MOUSE CLICK
Kirby Attack! (1P) - SPACE BAR
2Player Attack! (2P) - ENTER

If you have already played this game on the GBA/SNES you will not need to click 'Yes' when the question 'Is this your first time playing?' is asked. Have fun!

~ Agent.X

The previous error with the missing .gam file has been fixed...
Sorry... how stupid was I too miss that file out... dang.)

Review This Download (1.05mb )

Posted by Agent.X 16th April, 2006

Sorry- The file has now been fixed, would you guys mind deleting your posts so these comments could start from scratch again? Thank you.
Posted by Odin 16th April, 2006

Whoo! First comment!

Anyways downloading, looks good...
Posted by TPK 16th April, 2006

Better than alot of the stuff I've seen on here.
Good job.
Posted by steve 17th April, 2006

Are there no moderators on TDC now? Why is firespell not banned? He hacks other peoples games and leaves stupid, unhelpful comments in every download.
Posted by 17th April, 2006

pretty fun for a Quick Draw game
Posted by BJ Turner 17th April, 2006

I downloaded it but the .zip file was completely empty. I mean EMPTY. Not a single file in there. What's up with that?
Posted by Agent.X 17th April, 2006

Your downloaded must of had an error, nothing wrong with it on my end. Try re-downloading it.
Posted by 17th April, 2006

Link broken..
Posted by Faithtoken 19th April, 2006

Those grafix are so ripped from Kirby Superstar...
Posted by Agent.X 19th April, 2006

... and? lol.
Posted by Bartman 20th April, 2006

You are incorrect, its Kirby - Nightmare in Dreamland

Anyway, I havent downloaded this and I dont think I need to. You re-created the Quick Draw game from the Kirby games re-using the sprites from the GBA title.

Nothing special...





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