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Mario Adventure
Author: Agent.X Submitted: 15th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 300

Edited By Agent.X on 5/17/2005

Okay, Okay. I know how much you all hate Mario FanGames,
But why not give this one a chance? =D
It is a bit different than other Mario games, Since this one is much more tactical. You can pick up random items from the floor and use them to get further into the level or can be used to eliminate enemies.
The AI of the enemy Goomba's is much different, They have different emotions depending on what actions have taken place in the level.
There are 6 Worlds to play in. Each containing 3 Levels (except world 6, it has 2).
If you are interested in the likes of this then download it! Oh, And try collect all the dragon coins for something cool!

Thank you!

+ Would anybody like to review my game? =P

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Posted by Darksnpr 15th May, 2005

Posted by AndyUK 15th May, 2005

we don't all hate fangames. We hate bad fangames. i can't install it for some reason, the bin file is missing.
Posted by DaVince 15th May, 2005

NO GEOSHITIES!!!! "exceeded bandwidth". :(
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 15th May, 2005

Six downloads and it's already over. =/
Posted by Phredreeke 15th May, 2005

looks tiny...
Posted by Agent.X 15th May, 2005

Well does anyone else know a better free uploading site? i can't ever find one =(
Posted by Silveraura 15th May, 2005
Posted by Jason Dudie 15th May, 2005

this game is pretty stylish. It's kinda tiny, but that makes it kinda cool. Good use of sound effects and music. Feels like a real Mario game.
Posted by Agent.X 15th May, 2005

thanks =) btw, in my opinion Full Screen is better than tiny screen ^^;
Posted by AndyUK 15th May, 2005

but that makes it very blocky, i got it to work after finding out it is unprotected.
Posted by Imadjinn 15th May, 2005

Link doesn't work. Shame, I love teh fangames :(
Posted by Agent.X 15th May, 2005

oh man! i really want people to play it but the link is horrible! dosn't let me log in =( Any other free upload sites? ^^; sorry...
Posted by eddy 16th May, 2005

I really would like to play this as well, but when I run the setup.exe file it says that "setup.bin" is missing. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Posted by Joshua M. 16th May, 2005

Open the .Gam file. That seems to work :P
Posted by Willy C 16th May, 2005 here you go mate. I had really nothing to do so I fixed some problems in your game that was enoying me: - added rez - compiled in MMF, the game now runs smooth in full screen.
Posted by Willy C 16th May, 2005

not so bad game btw, kept me occupied for half an hour, the levels are impressevly not so repetive as I first thought. probably becouse of all the pickables.
Posted by guri-n ha 16th May, 2005

it's different then most other mario clones.
Posted by Agent.X 16th May, 2005

thanks everyone! =P anyone kind enough to make a review? XD
Posted by Joey Drasal 16th May, 2005

For some reason I am not able to get it into short screen.
Posted by why should I tell you 17th May, 2005

You stole my game!!!! j/k ^_^ I love this game
Posted by wario 17th May, 2005

^ if any admin would like to delete my old user name "why should I tell you", thx you ^_^
Posted by Agent.X 17th May, 2005

BTW, Thanks Willy (Monkey Business), Although you have added a few cool extra things it has caused more errors XP When you Pause the pause screen dosn't reach the end. also for some reason the backrounds from the previous level sometimes follow onto the next. lol. But Thanks anyway XD
Posted by Chris Burrows 18th May, 2005

yeah this game is rad. i couldn't stop playing until i finished it. super addictive. everyone check out the website of my band and download some songs or die!
Posted by Airflow 18th May, 2005

I enjoyed that! THX :)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 19th May, 2005

I can't download it.
Posted by Darksnpr 22nd May, 2005

that was fun! lol i cant stop plying it
Posted by Christophe. 17th June, 2005

Im new at all this game making i looked at some great platform games and i would like to make some myself what Game Making Programs are you guys using? :D
Posted by Agent.X 17th June, 2005

I use TGF (The Games Factory). It can be found at: :)
Posted by Christophe. 22nd June, 2005

Ok thx for telling me it looks like a nice game i do not know what program to use becuase i want to make a super good platform (mario) game
Posted by AndyUK 19th July, 2005

Well, The games factory is more than capable of making a good mario style game as it Multimedia fusion. Avoid Klik and play as it is VERY old. I doubt you'll ever read this since you posted last month...
Posted by Kazuma 15th April, 2006

Both TGF and MMF are perfectly capable of making mario games. You just have to know how to use them.






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