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War of Fantasy Online 0.4
Author: JohnLastrologue Submitted: 31st March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 123
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Edited By JohnLastrologue on 4/2/2007

[UPDATE]The current version is now 0.4 and it includes several new stuff in the game. I'll be quick and make a list of changes :
-A chatroom is added; a place where you can chat and create games or join existing ones.
-All offline version castles and units are present, but the final version will include 2 more castles and 14 new units, making a grand total of 8 castles and 40 units.
-The original AI was implemented in the game and revamped a bit. You can now team up against ten different AI levels or play alone against one if you wish to.

That should be about it, hope you like these changes!

This is the second release of the online port of my game "War of Fantasy. In this version, only the "Norman dungeon" is available once again (like in 0.1). What's new, however, is the exceptionnal possibility for the host to receive as many players as he wants in his game (players or spectators alike). Here's how it works :

-the host create and set-up a game with the "Host a Game" button, then he waits for his buddies to connect to his IP
-upon their arrival, host assigns position to every player (may it be on Team1, Team2 or in the spectator group)
-when everything is ok, host types in "/start" in the chat prompt then the game can begin

The game itself is still the same, each player build units using his puzzle grid like in FAIND Siege. Team1 players have their units builded at the left castle, Team2 players at the right one and spectators just watch the whole action. Keep in mind that this is still a demo and much of the game is not present... random bugs may also be found, although I tried my best to keep them to a minimum. Hope everyone will like it!

Reminder : this is the online port of "War of Fantasy" that I posted here earlier. In case you missed it, here's a link to it :

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Posted by Teapot 1st April, 2006

You mean 'as many players'.
Posted by Cecilectomy 1st April, 2006

seems very tediuos. i tried to play and didnt feel like making someone play with me online. so i tried the turorial. i gave up after about 3 minutes of trying to figure out what to do.
Posted by JohnLastrologue 1st April, 2006

I should have added a link to download the offline version... looks like there's some people that missed it. I'll add one right now.
Posted by Hempuli 2nd April, 2006

uh, i should hate this because it is a copy from SIEGE, but still... online mode sounds cool.




ok, thumbs up.
Posted by Tim camm 4th April, 2006

Well done. I particularly like the blood when a character is killed

The online concept for the game is great. I have always been a fan of games with characters the size of lemmings or worms, and medieval war is my favourite game genre. Good work dude
Posted by JohnLastrologue 9th April, 2006

I changed the host of the gamefiles, downloading should done much quicker now on high speed connection.

And also, I discovered a bug recently that prevents more than 4 players to participate in a game. The host can assign the first 4 on any team, but all others are stuck as spectators for the game. The bug will be fixed in the final release (it was a problem linked to the "List object").
Posted by Assault Andy 10th April, 2006

Roar, it needs a master server list . Then it would be really fun to play.
Posted by JohnLastrologue 10th April, 2006

It's planned, there will be a hosting option to advertise the game on the net and another option to join a game by selecting one in a list, but first I gotta finish all the units
Posted by Beau 7th December, 2006

Looks suspiciously familiar
Posted by JohnLastrologue 7th December, 2006

I bet you find it familiar... Who would've thought I'd receive a "comment" from THE man who created the original game that War of Fantasy was based on. I never denied the fact that my game was a 'Siege' clone... maybe I should add a mention to this description as I did for the offline version...





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