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War of Fantasy
Author: JohnLastrologue Submitted: 2nd December, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 240
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My first game on TDC! Well actually, it is quite old, but I only just recently decided that I should translate it to english for you to enjoy...

The game's called War of Fantasy, and would best be described as a remake of the famous Siege from FAIND. I used ripped graphics (may God have mercy on my poor soul) from the SNES game "King Arthur's world". The french community actually quite loved the game and I hope people here will also find it fun to play. You can either play multiplayer on the same machine, or play against the CPU, with an ajusted difficulty appropriate for your skills. Just look at the screenshots and you'll see how close to the original I made the game. Although the concept is the same, everything was made from scratch, so, hopefully, you will find it different playing my game from playing FAIND's one (considering that most of the 26 units of WoF aren't in Siege, you can see how it can be different).

Well, anyway, if you liked Siege, you'll like War of Fantasy! Be sure to use the tutorial if you do not remember how to play Siege, anyway you'll need to learn a whole new pack of unit combinations.

Oh, and yeah, big thanks to Beau Langston for making such a great and fun game that was Siege!

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Posted by Roman-the-evil 2nd December, 2005

Great one, although remake. I really like that computer is more challenging now. In original I easily beat him even on highest difficulty. Also nice features you've added.
Thumbs up.
Posted by wario 3rd December, 2005

zomg, awesome.
Posted by JohnLastrologue 3rd December, 2005

Thanks for downloading my game both of you!
But I wonder why I didn't receive your vote Roman-the-evil, did you actually really gave it a "thumb up"?
Posted by Fragasnap 3rd December, 2005

This has to be the coolest TDC game I've seen. (in my opinion, and yes, I have 'Seige')
I love Strategy either way, thumbs up!
Posted by Guspad 3rd December, 2005

great GAME!
Posted by Roman-the-evil 3rd December, 2005

I did vote. Or at least, my account says so.
Posted by JohnLastrologue 3rd December, 2005

Maybe it didn't count as a vote until recently... anyway!

Did anyone here was able to defeat the CPU in "Impossible" mode? I can't even do it myself!
Posted by Hempuli 4th December, 2005

Ahhhh... Siege is best...
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 5th December, 2005

Me like. But i can only win on easy with the goblins ^^
Posted by JohnLastrologue 8th December, 2005

I like that... people voting down my game without stating why or posting any comments... however, I'm getting higher in the GOTW poll, strange
Posted by Kris 12th December, 2005

Posted by danjo 14th December, 2005

you should work on your GUI presentation. 3/4 of the screen - OMG ugly!
Posted by Windybeard Games 14th December, 2005

looks impressive, downloading

Posted by Zethell 15th December, 2005

Nicely done ;] (Thumbs up)
Posted by 15th February, 2006

really good thumbs up
Posted by Fredrik Ortmon 2nd June, 2007

Hello guys, i had tried to submit my game here but it always gets wrong..
I want you to see my rts game "War of Antarctica"
You can see the trailer here ""
And to download the game just follow the link on the describtion. Hope youŽd like it





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